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which Black Friday “deals” are you going to line up for? or r u staying home?

R u going to claw through the other bargain shoppers @ WalMart? & what is it that is SUCH a wonderful deal that you are willing to do this?

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12 Responses to “which Black Friday “deals” are you going to line up for? or r u staying home?”

  1. MG said:


  2. Brad A said:

    Im buying two 46″ Sharp Aquos tvs online tomorrow.

  3. Lemony Snicket said:

    I am staying home for I have no money.

  4. Doug Heffernan said:

    Stay home.

    I’m not some wild deranged animal like some people are, from stories I’ve heard about these deals.

  5. Lexie(: said:

    home too crowded at any mall!

  6. Thinking Is Winning said:

    I’m waiting because I don’t have money till the first.

  7. Katie said:

    omg i will never!! i worked at jcpenney for four years and i hate customers!! people would like up at 3am for a f*cking plastic snow globe.

  8. Gazedo said:

    staying home for sure
    i dont want to get killed

  9. JOAKOOL said:

    I am going to stay at home.

  10. Andy said:

    I’m going on

  11. luna said:

    im lining up at target at 4am. i want a phone!

  12. [email protected] said:

    Definitely not going shopping! Knowing my luck, I’d get stuck in between two middle-aged women who start throwing punches over the last PS3. People go crazy on Black Friday!


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