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on black friday how much are cosmetics off in durgstores?

so im planning on waking up early
getting some makeup on black friday.
like from covergirl and all that jazzzzz πŸ™‚
how much would the prices be since its on sale?

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4 Responses to “on black friday how much are cosmetics off in durgstores?”

  1. uNiqUe cHiC said:

    oh thats a good idea!!! idk though lol.

  2. }Ξ–αΊ·οΊƒΕ…Η» SċяїВє{ said:

    I think it depends on the store, honestly πŸ™
    Usually CVS is pretty rad πŸ™‚
    And I’ve heard several times that if you bring an ad into Wal-Mart, they’ll match prices πŸ™‚

  3. TGD said:

    the best thing to find out which store has the best to check the 2008BlackFriday Buying Guide. it will tell you which is the best deal for your items

  4. xoxo said:

    there are some great sales out there where they are FREE!

    Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation – Free After Rebate

    Maybelline Mascara Or Creme Lipstick – Free After Rebate
    Maybelline Salon Expert Nail Enamel – Free After Rebate

    happy shopping
    oh, and happy thanksgiving! πŸ™‚


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