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Do you think the sales are going to be the best on Black Friday? Or should I wait to do my Christmas shopping?

Do you think the best sales are going to be on Black Friday? Or should I wait a few weeks to do my Christmas shopping?

I’m shopping mostly for clothes and toys for toddlers. I’m also looking for some pots, pans, and knives.

What do you suggest?

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7 Responses to “Do you think the sales are going to be the best on Black Friday? Or should I wait to do my Christmas shopping?”

  1. Sandy B said:

    I think they will go down closer to Christmas as merchants see that people are not spending as much and they must sweeten the deal with lower prices.

  2. reydi said:

    Stuff like that it doesn’t really matter. There will consistently be sales right up until Christmas. Usually the black Friday stuff are hot ticket doorbusters. Check out they have all the sale fliers up right now. See if there is anything you need to go get on Friday. I am going on Friday but waiting til about noon, the crowds have thinned down considerably by then!

  3. amybeth1018 said:

    i am waiting till closer to christmas but it doesn’t hurt to look at the sale ads on thanksgiving day for friday morning, but if there are real good deals you need to be there when they open

  4. [email protected] said:

    prices are slowly raised throughout the year, so that the price on “christmas sales” that you see are still above the “regular” price.
    The best time to buy christmas presents is between christmas and Jan. 15th, when the stores cut prices ridiculously low to reduce their inventory for tax purposes. It won’t help you this year, but it will help for next year.

  5. Elizabeth said:

    I get all my black friday ads through them and you can see what you think is a good deal. Toy’s r us is having huge sales and KB toys is shutting down a ton of stores so they might have some good sales.

  6. Babs said:

    Black Friday is only really worth it mostly for electronic things. Even than you have to be like the first 50 customers in line. If you like waiting in long lines for clothes you will be fine waiting a few weeks. For the toys depending on what they are they usually have good sales on black friday.

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