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How much would an xbox cost at best buy on black friday?

I want to get an xbox 360 (i like the new modern warfare one) and i want to get it from best buy. How much of a discount would i get if I am one of the first shoppers at Best Buy on black friday. How much would other products cost?

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5 Responses to “How much would an xbox cost at best buy on black friday?”

  1. Mr. Wang said:

    Why don’t you call one and ask.

  2. Bella said:

    It’s hard to tell but it’s anywhere between 50 – 75% off the original price for most items. They have very limited amounts so you most likely wont get what you really came for unless you camp out the night before.

  3. lyn'dz said:

    its 299.99 with a game pack that includes 4 games at best buy 😀

  4. Kevin Q said:

    I don’t believe there is any deal on the MW2 LE Xbox on Black Friday; I do however hear that they will sell the Xbox 360 Elite Bundle for $299 AND they include an extra 2 games, bringing it to 4 games and the system!

    I only know it will come with Pure and Lego Batman, idk the other two.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Devon said:

    Check out the prices and bundles at


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