How much would the Samsung Impression cost if you bought it on Black Friday?

I’m planning to buy the Samsung Impression on Black Friday, and it’s a bit expensive with the normal price. So I was wondering if anybody knows how much the phone costs if I bought it on Black Friday(:
To Karen P: Where is US Cellular?

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4 Responses to “How much would the Samsung Impression cost if you bought it on Black Friday?”

  1. Karen P said:

    probably the same price as usal us cellular is giving away all phones free from nov 27 thru the 30th have you thought about checking them out

  2. The Wild Man said:

    If you are planning to go shopping on black friday you are crazy….be safe and shop on line

    Merry Christmas

  3. WayLandWay said:

    hey um black friday was today and i got it for free with a 2 year contract with at&t at a best buy mobile at a mall
    i’m sure you can still get it for free or really cheap with a contract at most cell phone retailers

  4. Brendan said:

    29.99 with an at&t 2 year contract at radio shack. If you are already in a contract and have to buy it full price you should check the at&t site for a refurbished one. Refurbs have a shorter warranty but are a lot cheaper. They are ones that have been returned after short usage but are repaired. You can read more about it on AT&T website. You could also buy one off ebay but AT&T is safer. I looked around for that phone on a lot of the sites for Black Friday and couldn’t find it on sale. I got mine at Radio Shack.


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