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How early is everyone planning on showing up to Best Buy on Black Friday?

I am planning on going to black friday @ Best Buy. I really want & need this laptop for this price? What time is everyone else going? &/ Or what time do you recommend I show up??

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9 Responses to “How early is everyone planning on showing up to Best Buy on Black Friday?”

  1. Bree C said:

    I don’t know but if I go I’ll go around 10:00 AM or so.

  2. becs said:

    i went last year @ 6:30 am & it was PACKED.

  3. ngelkos99 said:

    depends on where u are going. Some best buys already have people camped out

  4. KimPgh said:

    My brother drove past the Best Buy around us last year to see how many people were there. He said at 9pm on Thanksgiving, there was already a few “crazy” people in line. Make sure you take a blanket, folding chair, book/video game, and hot chocolate!! If you need your laptop so badly, it will be worth it!!

  5. stacksosaurus said:

    At our local Best Buy, there were people camped out in tents on Wednesday night.

  6. Kellie said:

    I would show up by 3am. I guess that’s when they are handing out the tickets. Well in my area they are.

  7. girls_rock_like_me said:

    i would go at 3am like all of my other friends… last year i went there for also a laptop and IT WAS PACKED!!!!!!!!! we tried to get a wii also but they got sold out and we were only in there for about 5 minutes!!! well i got the wii like a couple months ago instead

  8. Wade is the best said:

    my mon went there only. she got there at 3:30 am., i am tryingt o get a Toshiba salitilte Dual core processor labtop for only 380, then ther are other crappy labtops like Hp and some other Tooshiba with a free printer for 230

  9. Karlee said:

    What are the “Tickets” they give you for? Do you think if I got to best buy at 2:30am I’d get the TV I want? Or could they easily sell out by the time I get into the store?


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