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Is anyone prepared to go shopping for the day after thanksgiving sales??

If so..are you the crazy kind that has it all planned out?

Or just going to see what you may want..

Do you get aggressive?

And finally, do you have any crazy stories from the past of your shopping experiences?

This should be fun!!! Good Luck getting what you need!

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8 Responses to “Is anyone prepared to go shopping for the day after thanksgiving sales??”

  1. Lynn (AzCrazyGirl) said :

    I hate shopping on “black Friday”…..there are so many crowds and crazy people out there

  2. shop2early said :

    I actually never been to any Black Friday Sales. I actually was thinking about going to the outlets for the Midnight madness sale. If, my ride calls, me I will go. That should be fun.

  3. Lauren said :

    NO WAY! I’ve got my kids’ shopping done already and all I need is frames for the pictures I am giving to my family and I can get those any time. I don’t do Black Friday…it’s not worth the headache.

  4. Helper said :

    i’m going with a friend for the first time in the Manhattan mall… i’m kinda scared! i’ve never gone before and this area is crowded! theres probably gonna be like nothing left though because i’m going in the afternoon. i hear many stores are opening at like 4 am!

    whoever goes then is insane…

  5. Adri said :

    I am totally prepared. I work in retail and man do these guys have a running marathon!

  6. georgia_peach said :

    I am going to enjoy sleeping in and having the day off.
    I actually don’t like shopping so I have never shopped on
    Black Friday and I never plan to.

  7. Jordan P said :

    yea cant wait waking up at 4 in the mornin to go shoppin

  8. dvcgurl said :

    online my thing its not worth the hassel the crowds


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