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Why do so many “After Thanksgiving Sales” start so early?

I saw that a few start at 4 or 5 AM

(I didn’t know where to put this, so I put it here)

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7 Responses to “Why do so many “After Thanksgiving Sales” start so early?”

  1. Silverchair Fan TEAM LIKE said:

    So that everyone can wake up to nothing

  2. iknowalilbitboutdat said:

    Snooze you lose!

  3. Jenna said:

    because they close early to get their store back to normal for saturday

  4. Monkey007 said:

    It’s just another way for shops to make money, and if they have them starting early they are trying to make you think there are bargains you shouldn’t be missing out on. It’s all about the dollar.

  5. WooleyBooley again said:

    Because the greedy retailers are trying to beat all their competitors by being the first to open.

  6. kat s said:

    To create an environment of pandemonium!

  7. Stephanie(: said:

    It starts early because of the term “Black Friday”.

    If you arrive early to one of the stores that have huge sales, you might be thankful because by the time it’s nine or ten o’clock, mostly everything will be gone. Especially the electronics stores. If you’re planning to go to Best Buy’s, Fry’s, or any electronic stores, you must go early! You should go like two-three hours before it opens and wait in line (make sure to get a cart!)


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