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Will there be sales after Black Friday (Thanksgiving weekend and on)?

I don’t think I can go to this year’s Black Friday because I have a really religious event to attend on that day. Will there still be sales going on after Black Friday? Holiday sales?

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4 Responses to “Will there be sales after Black Friday (Thanksgiving weekend and on)?”

  1. not 2 B fooled said:

    The sales have already started before BF – there is no need whatsoever to engage in the mob mentality that most will engage in on BF…..many sales will be there until after the 1st of next year and actually, the sales are better after Jan 01 than on BF :]

  2. auslieferung_zu_ich said:

    Yes – it’s called “Cyber Monday.” The Monday following Thanksgiving when there are apparently good deals to be found online for those of us who wouldn’t fathom stepping inside a mall or department store on Black Friday.

  3. Alex said:

    Yes at Amazon Cyber Monday Deals, they already opened 🙂

  4. Bill said:

    Yes. Many stores will continue their sales right up to new years.


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