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Are sales better after thanksgiving or before christmas?

Okay so I’m thinking ahead, waaaayyyy ahead. I’m thinking about buying a laptop, or maybe I’ll think about a desktop, as a Christmas present for someone. And I’m wondering if buying ELECTRONICS, especailly computers, is it cheaper to buy them after Thanksgiving or before Christmas??

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6 Responses to “Are sales better after thanksgiving or before christmas?”

  1. kelly k said:

    After Thanksgiving all the way….there are HUGE sales then and if you don’t want to fight the traffic they have huge online sales as well.

  2. LANE said:

    The day right after Thanksgiving is the best time to go.There are many sales that day and it is early so chances of finding what you are looking for you will be able to find.Stores use that day as their kick off to the Christmas Holiday so they offer lots of merchandise on sale.

  3. CB said:

    The day after Thanks Giving. The early morning specials are new thing for past few years.
    You have to prioritize and decide what order to go as the checkout lines are long.

  4. Titan Spirit said:

    After Thanksgiving especially for electronics.

  5. Karen H said:

    online sales are the best the Monday following Thanksgiving. Save this to your bookmarks: last year EVERYTHING was an additional 20% off for 1 hour only – I paid pennies for Christmas lights!

  6. Check please! said:

    After Thanksgiving.


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