What other shopping days are equal to after Thanksgiving Day sales?

I actually found some very good deals yesterday and now can’t wait until next year.
I’m just hoping I won’t have to wait that long.
Is the day after Christmas sales equally as good?

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2 Responses to “What other shopping days are equal to after Thanksgiving Day sales?”

  1. Jane said:

    price wise you will find the best overall deals the day after thanksgiving.

    Day after christmas sales can be good as well but a lot of that is trying to get rid of christmas items that didn’t sell before christmas and stores now just want them out.

    End of summer there are usually pretty good “back to school” sales where you can buy more than just school supplies….they want people to buy things for their kids going off to college as well so good sales on all kinds of things!

  2. KDCCPA said:

    Another factor to consider is how well the retail season is going. If the holiday shopping season is turning out to be a bad one, look to December 15 & 22 this year to be a real big days. Retailers generally slash prices the Saturday or two before Christmas if things are too slow.

    The best way for them to do that is to cut a few prices drastically to get people to come in. But they won’t cut everything. They might cut the price of a certain game system and hold the line on the game cartridges. They figure if they make little or no money on the system, they can make the money on the cartridges.

    The same happens with clothing stores. They have a few items at drastically reduced prices to get you in. Then they hope you figure if you saved good money on an item or two, you might spend more at full price, because your average per item will still be lower than retail.

    So if things are going well, after Christmas is the big sale time. If going poorly, sales will hit big before Christmas.


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