Does anyone know what the day after Thanksgiving sales are going to be at Wal-Mart/Target?

I was wondering if anyone had an inside track to the day after Thanksgiving sales at Wal-Mart or Target? We are looking for a portable dvd player.

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10 Responses to “Does anyone know what the day after Thanksgiving sales are going to be at Wal-Mart/Target?”

  1. Have gun, will travel. said:

    Good God don’t go, it’s a madhouse of crazy people pushing and shoving trying to save a nickle.

  2. Liza said:
  3. Supplicant said:

    From CNN

    He, got beat by Liza

  4. mikey said:

    follow the pick up trucks of rednecks & wetbacks to your locale walmart

  5. bibble said:

    Wait to shop!!! Black friday is the HUGEST scam ever. The prices are jacked way up, and then slashed in half for this great “sale”. Also, are you not aware that Wal-Mart is destroying the free world by exploiting poverty in far off places?

  6. pss367 said:

    Last year I made some pretty good deals on Thanksgiving Day. We went shopping that afternoon and beat alot of the rush for the Friday specials.

  7. inquisitor1125 said:

    try this site Don’t know if target and Walmart are up yet but I am sure as soon as they get it they will post it.

  8. pro_steering_wheel_holder said:

    I don’t think you want to go there on BLACK FRIDAY!

    don’t do it….

  9. brmwk said:

    The Friday AFTER Thanksgiving 😛

  10. cheetahgurlnc said:

    walmart has one for $50…..friday 5-11am only


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