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how good are the sales on black friday after thanksgiving?

is it worth going?

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5 Responses to “how good are the sales on black friday after thanksgiving?”

  1. cat said:

    I would rather pay 5 more bucks than going to a black friday sale and facing all that hassle

  2. Relampago Blanco said:

    Not worth the trouble in my opinion.

  3. Susan....Go Pokes!!! said:

    I don’t think it is worth the trouble. I am finished with my shopping anyway.

  4. brooker said:

    Depends, look in the ads the day before, if there is something for a good deal that you need or want than go get it. I wouldn’t recommend waisting your time with the things like TVs cause if you read the fine print it’ll say something like “only 5 per store” or “quantities limited” which means you’d probably have to be lined up at the door around 5 the day before to even have a chance. Black friday isn’t really as bad as everyone who hasn’t gone thinks, the news portrays it that way but what you see on the new is just like the first 10 minutes after the doors open, once all the good stuff is gone it isn’t that bad. I will go around 9am and find deals like $2 dvds (new ones, not the ones no one wants) and I never wait in line, stores are ready and will make sure people aren’t waiting forever. I think its fun, I find good deals and its not really like people think it is, yes you will have to be patient when it comes to parking but other than that it isn’t bad. If you want to see what stores have what deals go to Most stores have “leaked” their ad there so you can see what they’ll have.

  5. Nugget said:

    People like to say you are only saving a few dollars but the truth is the deals are great but few. If you look at the amount of sales in the circulars and compare it to the inventory in the stores percentage wise there are very few deals. The retail industry has what is called loss leaders. These are the phenomenal sales items that get you in the store. Once you are in the store they are banking on you taking a look around and buying some of those non sale items.

    People are not spending Thanksgiving night outside of Best Buy for a $5.00 savings. Some big ticket items have up to $200 in savings compared to regular market price.


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