Are you doing any Black Friday after Thanksgiving sales shopping tomorrow?

Where & What?
I agree with the lot of you…NOPE is my answer too. There are a lot of sales that go on later beyond Friday as well. If I just so happen to catch those when I’m out & about then yeah. But I don’t all of a sudden need something now because it’s on sale. I am not getting caught up in the mix with the overwhelming crowds. Be safe out there & Happy Holidays !! : )

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9 Responses to “Are you doing any Black Friday after Thanksgiving sales shopping tomorrow?”

  1. chicken2008 said:


  2. KAS said:

    No Black Friday shopping – well, I need to go to the Mall after the crazies go home from Black Friday to get a gift certificate at Border Express, need to pick up gifts at Bath & Body, go to EB Games for Xbox 360 items.

  3. jim said:

    Not only no, but HELL NO!!!

  4. ☆KILL JILL☆ said:

    Ohhh No ! Dont wanna get killed !

  5. sen10rs! said:

    i have no patience
    there is no point in standing in line for 5 hours to save 50 cents

  6. hot dog said:

    yes. for more booze and drugs

  7. Kathleen F said:

    Probably not but I love to go to the mall, get a large coffee and watch the people going crazy running from store to store with their hands full of sale fliers.

  8. Fashion Queen 561 said:

    No way, Cant stand the rat race.

  9. Luke14:8-11 said:

    Yes, but not early in the morning. I’ll wait til most of the madness has died down. I plan on going to Old Navy ($15 jeans and kids jackets!) and probably Wal-Mart (maybe a couple toys I want for my daughter are on sale, maybe not). My husband and I are just going to take the day to see what deals we may find; if we don’t find any, then we’ll just have had a nice day together.


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