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Which stores have the best after Thanksgiving Day sales?

I had many people to buy for this year but fortunately have already finished most of my shopping except for my husband and a few nic nacs. I am wanting some good deals which means more that I can buy.

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12 Responses to “Which stores have the best after Thanksgiving Day sales?”

  1. hector8914 said:

    jewel osco

  2. huggywell said:

    K Mart

  3. KrisJH24 said:

    ALL OF THEM!!! Every store has their own deals that are fantabulous!

  4. casper said:

    all them

  5. hermionebentz said:

    Always Walmart and K-Mart.

  6. aprilmccauley123 said:


  7. Chris said:

    i love goin to circuit city the day after … great prices 10 dvd players 20 dollar tvs 300 computers ahh : )

  8. Sissy said:

    Wal-Mart……..It’s always cheap and they have THE coolest After-Thanksgiving Sales, they have a large variety of things as well. My husband bought a DVD player there one year and it was only $25

  9. barrelracer_1988 said:

    I would go to Kohl’s, the local mall, Wal Mart, Sears (for your husband). Other than that I would read your newspaper and watch TV. Good Luck!!

  10. spirit314 said:

    All of them if you want to get up at 2 in the morning to shop. I’ll pass!!

  11. SittinPretty! said:

    I have found the best deals at Mervyn’s and Target myself.

  12. Sassafrass said:

    All of the ones that advertise in the newspaper


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