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How early do you see Christmas decorations in stores?

I noticed the other day that I was already seeing Halloween decorations at Target, even though we are almost two whole months away from Oct 31st.

What’s the earliest you remember seeing Christmas decorations out?

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24 Responses to “How early do you see Christmas decorations in stores?”

  1. Lawyergirl123 said:

    iv seen christmas stuff in stores just the other day

  2. whiteharleytrike said:

    before halloween.

  3. Y/A is a glitch in the Matrix said:

    Maybe 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. No earlier.

  4. hizwife said:

    Beginning of October.

  5. jolu41 said:

    Hell, pretty much the day after Halloween! No kidding!

  6. darckling said:

    In the u.k. they are around now, as are large tins of biscuits.

  7. Semper Fidelis said:

    Right at midnight of Nov 1st is when I see Christmas stuff and at Walmart they start counting down the days.

  8. You and I. said:

    I was in Sears the other day, and they had ornament’s, and decorations for the front yard.

    I was like “you have got to be kidding me?!”
    There was no halloween stuff, only Christmas!

  9. Bitch I Might Be said:

    right now

  10. MichaelaBabee! said:

    this is stupid i saw them in june no joke and i saw easter things in november. gosh!!

  11. Aimee said:

    Too early. Right after Halloween is over.

  12. greggsbabe said:

    Usually right after Halloween.

  13. Moose said:

    Around Nov.1st, it seems to me that Thanksgiving no longer exists the stores just skip right to christmas without even so much as a pause.

  14. ladyktko said:

    Like after halloween or during sometimes… on the avon books I saw them during the summer… and I never see no thanksgiving decorations, its like they forget about it or something lol

  15. nydrin_16 said:

    For as early as the beggining of September.

  16. luvzkatz wants Y!A fixed! said:

    Back in the 70’s I remember seeing artificial Christmas trees displayed in August. I do see a lot of Halloween stuff now, but that’s understandable.

  17. flamingo said:

    In my area, Xmas decorations go on display as soon as the Halloween merchandise goes on sale. In some local stores, wrapping paper and bows are set out before Halloween is over. So anytime in Oct.
    Believe it or not, people start buying as soon as it is put out.

  18. Gary II said:

    Pretty much after Halloween…it seems shops seem to go from one holiday to another…but its way too early…its a shame commercialism has taken the Christ outta Christmas… 🙁

  19. wildpalomino said:

    Any old day now

  20. MissLegLamp said:

    Usually the first of November I see Christmas stuff.

  21. missy brooke said:

    i saw Christmas decorations in a health store the other day..very odd..but cool i guess…Christmas is wonderful…being around family and everything…presents are a plus but not that big of a deal.. have a nice day!! 😛

  22. Joke time said:

    I would say first week of November or so ..maybe its just my city

  23. wham it's sam said:

    probably right after Halloween is over 🙂

  24. フィăƒȘップ said:

    I saw them last sunday!!


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