HOw do you do all the christmas shopping when you have a newborn?

My little girl is 1 month 1 week, and Christmas is coming and we are going to my hubbys parents house for Christmas and to mine, and obviously we have get them presents but I dont know what to do since we cant be out with the baby for the whole day to go Christmas shopping??

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8 Responses to “HOw do you do all the christmas shopping when you have a newborn?”

  1. The Smart One! said:

    There is always online shopping! The sooner you get started the sooner it will get delivered. Also, don’t worry about taking your baby out. People do it all the time and nothing happens. I took my baby out when she was a day old and she’s now almost six months and has never once been sick. She can just as easily get sick at home as she can in town. I would just get out of the house and do some normal shopping, but if you’re too uncomfortable with it start online shopping or make your own gifts.

  2. sonrisa.traviesa said:

    If you don’t like to shop online, perhaps you and your hubby can go in shifts. Have him stay at home and watch the baby while you shop a bit and then switch. Another idea is to make this a gift card year. Buy gift cards instead of actual presents. I know it’s tough with a little one, but if you schedule your outing at nap time, you may be able to shop while your little one sleeps in the stroller. Merry Christmas!

  3. *Loving Mommy of soon to be 4* said:

    So do not go all day? take it one store at a time and keep the baby in the car seat in the basket because you will get idiots that will push past and bump you even though you clearly have a baby in your arms or a snugly on. Just take a few hours at a time, make sure you have clear lists, know exactly where you are going etc. Organization is the key to shopping with any amount of kids and babies do not care at all if you take them shopping as long as they are warm, dry and fed.

    You can also take turns, you stay home and hubby goes or hubby stays home and you go.

    I did quite a bit of my shopping online this year, it is only worth it if the shipping is not to extreme though.

    My daughter was only 6 weeks old when I had to shop with her, now she is 2 and its even harder because she wants the items I am getting even if its for her brother and sister.

  4. Maena said:

    Do it online, why can’t you take your baby with you?

  5. Veronkia said:

    Online shopping.

    I have found that shopping the mall is really not that bad too. I go in the morning. And have found that Macy’s and Penny’s have nice “sitting” areas before you enter there bathroom, so I can nurse.

    I’ve even nursed in the car, but with the weather getting colder, that might not be the best idea.

    Also having ideas of what you’re going to get people helps to. Going in with a game plan.

  6. crazyshopaholic31 said:

    I would do most of my shopping online and that way you wouldn’t have to leave the house, but if you have to go to the shops for something can’t you leave your baby with your hubby’s parents, your parents or a childminder for a few hours?

  7. Christy said:

    I agree with online shopping. If I’m doing brick-and-mortar shopping, I try to limit it to four hours or less, and usually make it during a time that our daughter will normally be sleeping. And have someone shop with you if possible. I’ve found that doing major shopping by myself leads to all sorts of issues.

    Another suggestion is to wear your baby in a sling or carrier. Babies sleep longer and more securely when they’re next to you. You also don’t have to worry about maneuvering a stroller around.

    Happy holidays, and good luck!

  8. dangle said:

    You’re probably a little late to get online purchases delivered before Christmas now, unfortunately. Do you have a baby carrier? Get your hubby to carry your little girl against his chest while you both shop. This lets YOU have a bit of a break, too. You gave birth only 5 weeks ago! Don’t try to be superwoman. He can push the trolley too 🙂

    Try and pick a quieter time of day to shop, so there aren’t quite so many pushy people around, and stick with small, easy to handle gifts, that aren’t too heavy.

    Don’t forget to sit down often to have a rest, and treat yourselves to a good snack!


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