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How many of you have your Christmas shopping done?

We are completely unprepared, and I told everyone in October that I was going to do my shopping early this year. We don’t even have gifts for our parents. How many of you did the same thing? And what are some good last minute gift ideas? (not gift cards, that’s too easy)

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5 Responses to “How many of you have your Christmas shopping done?”

  1. michael g said :

    I do …YEAH!!!!!!! Ok, a few stocking stuffers still to go but….YEAH!

  2. debrah_marie said :

    I don’t! I am so behind. I have about 10 gifts left to buy.

    As for last minute ideas, the things I am picking up are a few gift cards, a scarf set, and …. Well I guess if I knew then I probably would have already bought them. Good Luck.

  3. Kilee said :

    ive gotten all my shopping done. i have some loose ends to tie up(like candy for stockings etc.) but its pretty much all done. I suggest you get on it though! i went to the mall yesterday and everythings kind of picked over. i suggest ornaments form hallmark they always make a good gift, also bath and body works lotion or body wash. for a guy maybe a watch, some movie, cologne, a jacket.

    good luck
    merry christmas

  4. peppersham said :

    Yes,done.Cd’s dvd’s,perfume.Really don’t know.Nice gloves,hat set maybe?Merry Christmas.

  5. 2Beagles said :

    I’m done with the exception of a few stocking stuffers for my husband. There’s nothing wrong with gift cards. If you know a store someone shops at frequently, they will appreciate it. It saves you time and lets them get something they can use, instead of a gift that was bought at the last minute. I got both of my kids gift cards for their stockings and I know they’ll use them.


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