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Why has Christmas shopping become so hard?

I have given over 40+ answers to people wanting to know what to get for others for Christmas this year. I made my answers fairly quickly. Why is this such a hard decision for so many people?

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8 Responses to “Why has Christmas shopping become so hard?”

  1. tree gal said :

    Because we have so much!

  2. Taylor said :

    because its all commercialized.

    its all about the money and how much you got them.

  3. Ut It Dang Iu De Xuong ^^ said :

    because they’re not you?

  4. Tiffany D said :

    Money is tighter these days, perhaps? I guess people want to make sure they’re making a good decision regarding their money instead of just buying willy-nilly.

    Either that, or people are just really unimaginative.

  5. irish1 said :

    I think tree gal has something there – people have so much already that it’s difficult to buy anything for them.
    Another reason, I think, is that people get hung up on the idea of the ‘perfect’ gift, usually something very expensive that the ads have been touting for weeks.
    Thank God my family are all book mad.

  6. Black Widow said :

    …because Christmas has become soooo commericalized, we forget the reason for the season: the baby Jesus. This year, I made it a point not to stress out myself shopping for gifts.

  7. "CaFo" the Carpathian said :

    It’s really not that difficult for normal people. If you haven’t noticed, the majority of the people asking said questions are teenagers. Today’s teenagers are used to their parents micro-managing most of their decisions. You take the parents out of the equation, and you have a bunch of questions being asked on Y!A.

  8. mikskali said :

    Because we care. And because there is so much to choose from these days.


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