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How can I make money after Christmas shopping?

I’m not old enough to get a work permit, so I can’t work at a business, but I am dead broke after Xmas shopping. How can I make more money? (I am a teenager)
Please, don’t try to tell me of online sites like CashCrate or whatever. I don’t trust those sites.
I’m only broke since I bought my dad a REALLY nice and expensive gift. I chose my gifts far in advance, but my dad is worth the money I spent.

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12 Responses to “How can I make money after Christmas shopping?”

  1. Duchess_Duckie said :

    offer 2 do chores

  2. music lad said :

    I know people who do a paper round on Christmas day. Not great fun but they get over £100 in tips – this is in a medium sized town – not a city – if you live in a city you may get more! Other option is become a Jehova, makes the festive season far cheaper.

  3. ThereseRose said :

    Chores, babysitting, running errands for homebound people. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  4. aleks019 said :

    pick a nice product from a wholesale store and start selling it on ebay

  5. Laquishacashaunette said :

    Paper route, shoveling snow, cutting grass, doing chores for your parents, neighbors or old ladies.

  6. doublea said :

    Well u can sell stuff on ebay.

  7. my2cents said :

    Buy certain things at clearance prices or take things that you don’t want/need anymore and sell them online.

  8. JackN said :

    Go over your records and if you can’t find enough of them, re-create them from memory as best you can, for exactly where the money you invested this month, came from, and what you gave up in order to get that money. Next, account for all that you invested in “Christmas shopping.” How much, what for, to what establishment or business, on what date. Ask yourself, was it worth it? (correct answer: NO). Next, sit down with yourself and decide where it is that you’re really going in life. What do you want your life to count for (your “Dream”)? Set at least one realistic but challenging goal that lines up with that dream. Then put together a plan of action that will be reasonably likely to enable you to achieve that goal. All that remains at this point is to then cultivate the daily habit of putting forth consistent and persistent effort towards carrying out that plan. Your desire to gain money for money’s sake will diminish to insignificance, and your level of contentment in life will greatly increase, your innate genius will be unlocked, and your mind will devise ways for you to earn, and keep, the income you need to go after your dream. Let the experience of Christmas 2006 serve as a valuable lesson of defeat for you; not to repeat the experience. 95+ percent of all people merely do what the crowd is doing, never save any money, never set goals, and basically go nowhere with their lives and accomplish nothing of any great value. What you do with your money says a lot about your character and what you stand for.

  9. WhAtEvA_bRuNeTtE said :

    Really you can’t get a job? move to england lol i had a job in a pub at 15 years old.

  10. Avis Brown said :


    Stay away from CashCreate, Treasure Trooper and other survey Web sites.

    It is a waste of time and will cause you unhappiness.

    If you choose to be suckered in and sign up to take surveys and receive, free trials considered you were warned. The minute you give them your credit card and personal information you have now opened your computer to unwanted cookies on your hard drive, annoying pop-up windows and if you are on a PC you open your computer to viruses that can wipe you out.

    A lot of work to collect the “reward payments” that payout is not worth the effort over time. You will need to sign up for many types of offers, most of which require you to use a credit card. You start a week trial service with varies types of businesses or services, such as, an Internet service provider, book club, credit monitoring service, etc. to get your reward. If you don’t cancel the trial, you end up being charged for the service and each service has different rules about how and when you can cancel. Very cumbersome!

    Since you will need to sign up for at least a dozen offers before you get to $100 in rewards, it’s very easy to forget what you have signed up for, or the problems you will have canceling in time to to be charged the full amount. The Cash Create recruiters you see here over exaggerate how much money you can earn because once you’ve done the high-dollar trials ($8-10 each) once, you are left with small rewards of a dollar or two. The survey business is not an efficient way to make money and you are more than likely to loose in the end.

  11. Connie said :

    there are a lot of selling journals on livejournal.

  12. Kyle9211 said :


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