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Do you do Christmas shopping online or do you go to stores?

I don’t like shopping very much ESPECIALLY if there are crowds, I get really grumpy. I love shopping online, and I just bought one gift online, I am so relieved I don’t have to go look for it in a store.

Anyone else mostly shop online?

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20 Responses to “Do you do Christmas shopping online or do you go to stores?”

  1. cassakane said:

    I do love to do as much shopping online as I possibly can.

  2. Mary Miller said:

    i start holiday shopping online in like august. its fun, easy, and a good way to hide the presents unlike when going to a store you have to make up a reason for going out.

  3. bugz said:

    Thats why I do my shopping in the stores- way before Christmas and avoid the “RUSH”

    Sometimes I do shop online,,,only sometimes… its cheaper in the long run NOT to put it on my credit card

  4. blank said:

    go to Walmart,Kmart and toys R us.

  5. woodenhandle said:

    I love Amazon for online shopping. That’s the only online place I shop though.
    I still like the store experience 🙂 I don’t mind crowds as long as people don’t run me over with their carts. I tend to be done early to avoid crazed shoppers lol.

  6. tara203 said:

    Im a sahm of 3 yo twins and a 5 y.o and its really hard to get time to go Xmas shopping so the past 2 years I’ve done 90% of it online. I find really good deals and a lot of stores offer free shipping around the holidays or site to store which is convienant too.

  7. Emma&Laura'sMumMum said:

    I have bought everything so far online. I only have a few presents to go….not sure what I will do about those.

    A trip to the mall with an almost 2 and 3 yr old – I could only get one or two presents each trip!

  8. . said:

    I prefer to do all of shopping online. I can’t stand being inside of a crowded department store with people all over the place pushing and shoving you to get the items that they want.

  9. bean_472 said:

    I do a little bit of both. I live in a relatively small town so it’s not too crowded if I can hit the stores at the right time. But for some items, online is definitely the way to go, especially when they throw in free shipping! That way, you save the hassle, the gas, and get to stay away from rude people. And people who are sick…

  10. hey mama said:

    I just shopped online this year for the first time really. I got maybe half of my son’s stuff online from toys r us and babygap. I NEVER shop online because of the shipping costs, but I guess I’ve got to start figuring out what sites have free shipping on what days and all of that…it DEFINITELY beats wading through the crowds. thankfully I’ve finished all of my son’s stuff (online and offline…I did a lot this summer) so I don’t have to go to toy stores during the holidays…I can handle places like clothes stores better than crazy toy stores with crazy moms running around 🙂

  11. Jax's Mommy TTA said:

    This year I will be doing the majority on line because I can’t stand crowds. I am one of those in and out people. I like to go into the store walk right over to what I want and check out asap. There is nowhere to do that during the holidays, it’s a mess. The only store I will be going to is the new Toys R Us that opened last month at the mall. We have not had one in almost 10 years~ so this will be exciting (especially to go without Jax!!!)

  12. jnjmommy said:

    Depends on what I’m buying and if I am buying multiple items then I check to see if they’re doing free shipping when you spend a certain amount.

  13. MT said:

    I used to be a mallrat, but I could never stand the mall November through the middle of January.

  14. pdooma said:

    Online if possible, and I have it shipped to the place we’re going for Christmas and wrap it on the other end. It saves a lot of hauling for me.

  15. Melyssa said:

    I do both. I love going to the stores ( early though, not when they have million people fighting over the last 5 toys that are still left in the shelves) but I have found out that shopping online is great too. You get to find this great thing and maybe even in a better deal than you would in a store and get all excited about it and then few days later it shows up in your door and you get all excited about it again lol

  16. DJ's mama said:

    since I don’t have a car during the day, I can never really go anywhere without my husband knowing. So every time I need to buy him a gift I buy online. For everyone else we do about half and half. If I can find it cheaper at Walmart or Amazon, that’s where we shop.

  17. mcally Baby Feet said:

    I do both. I look in store and online and I purchase what I want from where ever it is the cheapest.

  18. kelsey said:

    I shop pretty much completely online. faster, easier, i can find everything i want.

    i usually shop here…

  19. mommyoftwo53 said:

    prefer a store cause im inpatient but i will order online if needed or cheaper.

  20. Kelly said:

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