Christmas is almost here; How many have their shopping finished?

How many of you guys got your Christmas shopping done and did you cut back on your shopping this year, With the economy being as it is and extra bills coming in , we cut back quite a bit on our shopping we still got for the immediate family, but not as much.Do you think that we all commercialized Christmas too much?
William B. You must be related to my husband
Miz. D. I really agree with you–we should all remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

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21 Responses to “Christmas is almost here; How many have their shopping finished?”

  1. V....V said:

    Baaaaa Humbug.

  2. 7sarah7 said:

    haven’t even started

  3. cakeman1995 said:

    I didn’t do my shopping yet

  4. Evil Penguin said:

    i’m all done, just finished last week. I spent $127 between six people.

  5. Miz D said:

    Done! We had to have an early Christmas gathering this past weeked for our family because of work schedules. Now I can just sit back and relax and enjoy the holiday season.

    It’s true that we have made the gifts too important at Christmas and tend to forget about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. We have nativity scenes in our home and talk to our grandchildren about the true meaning of Christmas. Also plan to attend the Christmas Eve service at church.

  6. Mesa said:

    I bought my last gift Sunday!! Most of it was online too!

  7. Patricia C said:

    We haven’t exchanged present for years. Yes, I believe it’s too commercial. It’s Jesus’ birthday, not ours.

  8. browneyedgirl said:

    Finished?! I haven’t even begun!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Jackie Blue said:

    Finished, with two gifts to wrap. We buy only for our children, grandchildren and our two parents. We brothers/sisters in law and cousins, decided on this. We figure it is a Christmas gift for the rest of us to be together, and that should be what Christmas is about. For the kids and grandkids, we sat a modest limit. A gift card for our parent so they are receiving something they can choose what they want/need. The true meaning of Christmas is all but slipping away. It has now come down to people getting killed over items into the stores for items. How sad and sick is that? It has been commercialized for a very long time. It’s unfortunately always about the almighty dollar rather than the true spirit of Christmas.

  10. ? said:

    Totally finished. Cut way back this year. One gift per grandchild. And several for the nursing home residents party.

  11. ndnquah said:

    I’m done and have been!!! Been picking up stuff for a long time and am I ever glad!!!! Complete with snow!!!!!

  12. Ginger H said:

    Almost done, have 3 gifts left, will pick them up this Saturday.
    I better pick up a tree too.
    Yes, I do feel it is commercialized to the point of nausea.

  13. corgigirl said:

    I think Christmas has become far too commercial. There is too much emphasis on gifts and not enough on the true meaning of Christmas.
    Yes, I have done all my shopping.

  14. dora said:

    Almost done and cut back a bit, but needed to cut back more. Wish we could play the Christmas exchange game, where everyone brings a gift in a certain amount and when opened, you can keep yours or trade it for one of the others. I have done that at parties and it the game is more fun than the presents.

  15. Sew What? said:

    We gave up exchanging gifts several years ago. There are no little ones in our family. So all the shopping I’m gonna do is done.

    Now, I’m onto making tamales and baking and baking and baking some more. By December 26th I won’t care if I don’t see another cookie until this time next year.

    Yes, Christmas has become too commercial. I’ve been hearing this complaint for at least 30 years. It was true then and it’s true now.
    Why do people spend money they don’t have to buy gifts they can’t afford? I think it’s all a bit crazy.

  16. Auntie Cris T. said:

    What freaking Xmas shopping? I’m going to make some goodies (fudge and pumpkin bread) and send out some cards. That’s all, folks.

  17. Autumn Leaves said:

    Finished mine last week. I cut back but mostly because I don’t like most of the people I’m giving to, just trying to keep peace in the family.

  18. meerkat uno said:

    I have cut back but it was at the request of my daughter. I see her point. Her 3 girls have everything and more.

    Commercial Christmas doesn’t bother me because I can choose to look the other way. I stick to what is important to me which is my family and friends. And my dog, Bud. I enjoy giving small gift’s whether it be purchased or home made and commercialism doesn’t stop me from that happiness.

    I will be finishing up tomorrow or Thursday because the store where I work is having an extra discount those days.

    I also choose to remember and celebrate the reason for the season.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  19. William B said:

    what it,s not the 24 th yet

  20. Dinah said:

    I give at the holidays regardless it’s Solstice I celebrate. This year I could only do a few, so I joined Quality Paperback Book club and picked a book each family member would enjoy then mailed them from here. Very inexpensive comparatively, and shows the thought you put into it.

  21. Monty said:

    One or two left to buy. 3 or 4 left to wrap.


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