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How do Lebanese people celebrate their new year?

If you are not Lebanese or don’t live there tell me how do you celebrate your new year?

Happy new year everybody

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8 Responses to “How do Lebanese people celebrate their new year?”

  1. Singing Girl said:

    Happy New year!

    Anyways, my family and i who lives in lebanon (my mummy’s lebanese); we celebrate by throwing fireworks at New Year’s Eve,
    My mummy and daddy drinks a little bit of whine and um we have a lunch at New Year

  2. Mourning Angel said:

    usually we party and drink in pubs, bars, clubs or at home …

  3. Alinov (nouveau compte) said:


  4. Haifa said:

    Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy till morning light!!



  5. Sαмsooмα {ραℒєς†îиîαи ✌ } said:

    i will be celebrating it in bed sick having to think of all the drama that will carry over to the new year
    fuck life

    i want to go to a new years party…

  6. Aussie said:

    As usual , the new year arrived without any help from me ….

    A very Happy & Peaceful New Year to all of our contributors ….

  7. haya_bena_nal3ab said:

    happy new year

    i celebrate it with my girlfriend romanticly 😉

  8. LebNanI-W-Bas(Ma ba3da 7aifa) said:

    Well personally, I like to shoot up in the air to show to the people that I am an Islamic Extremist and Proud, then I bomb 10 buildings, and hijack 2 planes, then I crash plane…..Welcome to 2009

    I was joking around….let this year be free from “Islamic Extremism” please…..Lebanese people have wild crazy parties, that all I can say


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