Why do we celebrate new year, and not the end of the old year?

I was just thinking, instead of celebrating New Year we should all be celebrating the end of the old year. By celebrating the end of the year we really celebrate all we have done and all our accomplishments. We should sit down and reflect on the year, review what we did and see what we can do/change to make the next year more productive. What are we really celebrating when we celebrate new year? Our hopes and dreams, and hope for a better future? Seems to me it’s just a wistful thinking/celebration….

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6 Responses to “Why do we celebrate new year, and not the end of the old year?”

  1. The fortune cookie says: said:

    What do you think happens on New Year’s Eve?

  2. favi said:

    We are celebrating hope and expectations and an end to whatever junk happened to us last year. We are anticipating better things and a brighter future in the coming year. It might be wishful thinking, in part, but sometimes things actually do get better.

  3. dustie rhodes said:

    It’s a matter of opinion. Celebrating the end of a year implies the past year was awful and good riddance. Celebrating a New Year implies hope for a joyful coming year. Anyhow, we do recognize both past and future at New Years celebrations.

  4. Purpleflower said:

    I think we basically are doing both at the same time. People do reflect on the year and the news/media recaps what went on. After that, we ring in the New Year and make goals or wishes for the future.

  5. The Big E said:

    Part of my celebration of New Years is reviewing what happened in the old year and determining what effect I wish to let it have on the coming one. I usually drop a habit or two and contemplate what new habits I wish to replace them. New Years is always a good time to tweak the machine that is you.

  6. joeyrodent2 said:

    It is because of a pagan tradition that dates back 4,000 years welcoming in the people who have survived the winter so far, to a hopeful and long lasting friendship. Who wants to look back at people we have lost…


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