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Do Egyptians celebrate Christmas? Are you Egyptians going to celebrate New Year this Friday night?

Is Christmas celebrated in the North Africa and the Middle East (generally speaking) by muslims?
Do muslim Arabs, Berbers, Egyptians celebrate New Year on january first?

I know their new years starts on other date (don’t know the exact month), just wondering if they celebrate Christmas and New Year on january first anyway.

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11 Responses to “Do Egyptians celebrate Christmas? Are you Egyptians going to celebrate New Year this Friday night?”

  1. Cammie said:

    Christmas is a Christan holiday.
    Those Egyptians who are Christan will celebrate.

    I have no idea about New years.

  2. G. #2 said:

    No i am not

  3. EP - Il Fantantonio ! said:

    I celebrate whenever I want ..I don’t need the new year ..

  4. Passioن said:

    Although most of them take the day off, Muslims do not celebrate Christmas, but many do somewhat celebrate it indirectly.
    And most of them also celebrate New Year.

  5. LaLaBunnyBR said:

    As Cammie said Christmas is a Christian holiday and there are Christians here so I suppose the minority of Christians who live here do celebrate Christmas but NO not Muslims, even tho they recognize Jesus as a prophet…Mohammed is their true and last prophet.
    And to the second questions yes they do celebrate New Years 🙂 Oddly enough I’ve been invited to quite a few New Years parties here in Egypt.

  6. Egyptian said:

    Not all egyptians celebrate this day, it is according to each one beliefs and vision. Some muslims believe that they should not celebrate such day and some are not believing and celebrating the new year.; the issue here is the type of celebration as some celebrations are not ethical or include wines and more, meanwhile, some celebrations are restricted to sing romantic songs and a dinner with some sweet words and expression of brief, all christians celebrate this day and some muslims and the celebration form differ according to the customs and cultures.

  7. ~SoL said:

    Only Christians celebrate Christmas, Its a national holiday though.
    Yeah, some Muslims do celebrate new year’s eve 😀

  8. YO! said:

    I don’t but I know some muslims who do oddly enough which I don’t condone especially Christmas b/c it’s not a holiday for muslims, but whatever floats your boat I guess.

  9. ♥ Arabian Goddess ♥ said:

    I dont know about Egyptians but I am Jordanian (Arab) and we do as hell celebrate the Christmas and the new years ^^

  10. Godfather AE said:

    No Muslim celebrates Christmas.

    Many Muslims and I do not celebrate the Georgian new year. Our new year is the Hijri calendar, not the Gerorgian, when Jesus (AS) was born, calendar.

    You will find some Muslims who do celebrate the new year…I have no explanation for their actions.

  11. Caesar said:

    We Celebrate Christmas a little later than you do, as we follow the eastern calender. (7th Jan. is Christmas here.) as for Coptic Orthodox Christians.
    Catholics (mostly in Lebanon and Syria.) Celebrate Christmas on the western Calender , 25th Dec.


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