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Why do people see a new year as a new start for their life?

I have never experienced this. After the new year my life is still the same! The same challenges, maybe some new ones, and the same everything!

Where does this come from?

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6 Responses to “Why do people see a new year as a new start for their life?”

  1. Abundance Is Mine said:

    Humans are weird. No, we really are. Our minds are giant worlds within themselves.

  2. Cherokee C said:

    It gives some people a starting point to start off awew. Like dieting or not drinking or whatever. It never works for me though. I’ve tried to stop smoking on New Years but couldn’t. I did it on my own when I was mentally ready.

  3. kimagurie said:

    it’s because it’s all in our minds, like everything else is. a new year begins, and that’s why they see it as a new start.

  4. Carlos, The Masked Mexican said:

    because they are a bunch of followers, my dear Quan, they see other people making “resolutions” so they say, “I want one too!” and it goes from there…you can re-start your life anytime during the year…i guess since it’s a new number (the date) they figure it’s a good place to start…basically, it’s just one person trying to be like everybody else…peace out, Quanie boy!

  5. Mike said:

    cause their just weird
    i always see on a headline on myspace : NEW YEAR NEW ME”
    its so stupid

  6. rachelle_inhighheels said:

    It’s all “wishful” thinking that the turn of a calendar page will be a new beginning to their lives… Some resolve to quit smoking (which all persons can well do without) – some resolve to quit drinking, and various false promises are made, and 99.9 percent of these are never kept, but often broken..
    Better to make NO commitments, and just try and be a better person each and every day, be it a NEW YEAR or an OLD YEAR..
    Rachelle In High Heels


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