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Happy New Year to all of the people in the world! How are you going to celebrate?

May your holidays be full of joy, and may the new year bring you peace, prosperity, and happiness.
Happy New Year!

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6 Responses to “Happy New Year to all of the people in the world! How are you going to celebrate?”

  1. Sick CHILD/A very worried dad said:

    We are going to stay home with our children where it is safe. Happy hollidays!!

  2. sweetie-pie said:

    Thank you for the wishes n same goes to you too. If I dont meet up with close friends, my next plan would be to sit at the quietest place I could find, n re-cap what I have done in 2007 n plan for a better 2008.

  3. Jennifer D said:

    I always stay home and tidy cupboards !

    I also destroy the old invoices and accounts that are more than two years old and finalised.

    It’s a day of contemplation.

    Happy New Year to you too.

  4. Amanda K said:

    Awee, you too mate!
    Me and my family went thru some rough times throught 07, my parents split, but we’re all just hoping for a better new year!

  5. ioana.florina said:

    I’m gonna stay at home…

    Happy New Year !

  6. M P said:

    Thank you and the same to you and yours.
    As always I am staying safely at home.
    I will find some quit time to pray for this world and then probably will telephone some family & friends.
    I would like to have some over but don’t want them traveling either so we will gather together another time.


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