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How do the Carribean Islands celebrate their new year?

When is the new year date?
How do they say happy new year in their language or whatever :p?
How do they celebrate it — 4 facts
actually i jus need to know when the date it .. cant find it anywhere

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5 Responses to “How do the Carribean Islands celebrate their new year?”

  1. DNT said:

    There are a lot of different cultures in the Caribbean, from a large number of sources. the question would be the same as asking how Europe celebrates New Years, it differs from island to island.

  2. octoberbabycadi said:

    Well like DHT Said, it ranges. But in Barbados, we have lots of fireworks at midnight. The clubs are open all night/morning long, and most family and friends get together for a drink, some dinner, to talk about the previous year, and to watch the fireworks.
    The clubs and restaurants have lots of specials and discounts, and a lot of people dance in the street. It’s pretty fun!
    Then on New Year’s day, most people go out for breakfast, brunch or a picnic on the beach.

  3. Doethineb said:

    The biggest celebrations are in Cuba, where New Years Day (1st January) happens to be the national day. People settle down for two days of celebration and there is a buzz of festivity everywhere. The general greeting is “Felicidades”, and you say it to everyone you come across and can expect a beaming reply. The restaurants are packed with people celebrating with a festive dinner accompanied by music. In fact, it is music, music all the way whether you are at home or elsewhere.

    In other Caribbean islands you might expect fireworks at midnight, watchnight services in churches, or simply informal parties. In the Turks and Caicos Islands, the churches are packed with people who don’t normally attend, as there is a superstition that the Second Coming will occur at midnight local time on New Year’s Eve and it is traditional to write down one’s sins over the past year and have them ceremonially burned in order to be ready.

  4. ♥♥SUCCULENT LIPS♥♥ said:

    new year is the same year as the usa… jan 1st, we say happy new year in english, french, spanish, creole etc… sometimes we invite friends to a cook out and just play music, eat, relax.. its lots of fun..

  5. mai mai said:

    in haiti the 1st of jan is new years and the haitian independence day so what we do is cook and visit family and friends and just have fun


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