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How are you going to celebrate the coming of the New Year?

any traditions that you always repeat?….anything new for this year?

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18 Responses to “How are you going to celebrate the coming of the New Year?”

  1. SKITTLES {sarahC} said:

    i don’t know, just put on some loud music and party!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. murphys law said:

    we stay up all night and shoot off fireworks

  3. One of the Yahoo! Answers Team said:


  4. frozen past said:

    Get hammered.

  5. SHORTIE said:


  6. +Kid RoBot+ said:

    jump when its 12:00. they say it makes you grow taller..

    freakin sh!t. i feel like an idiot jumping every new years eve

  7. cj said:

    im trying to get my mom to let me do to my dads!

  8. hmm.? said:

    parrrrtttyyy 😀

  9. ρɾinceƨƨ cαeƖα said:

    I’ll be at work making sure our customers enjoy themselves as they party at our New Year’s Bash.

  10. Living low, dying slow. said:

    I am going to try and forget that it is even coming.

    I am getting older and every year is just a reminder that I have not done a damn thing with my life at all.

    Time and life are passing my by and all I can do is watch.

  11. Pride said:

    im in China so really different

  12. trayctalks said:

    im gonna party & have a blast

  13. Dr. Doom said:

    Getting wasted!

  14. zingis said:

    Watch the fireworks… always do that.
    Have a toast with family… usually do that.
    Streak down main street… never done that.


  15. ♥Isis Clause♥ has been naughty said:

    with a huge birthday partay. [it will be my birthday]
    also the P&S new years ball.

  16. ~SarahHanley~ said:

    We’re going to hawaii!!!

  17. saveitok said:

    no just going to try to stay awake,Its nice just to stay home and watch every one else celebrate it on t.v

  18. shahbarak said:

    I’ll see my family at the beach for a few days with my new walking frame. And then I’ll have a good lie in to recover.


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