Does anyoneknow where i can sign up to get gifts for christmas?

Iam a single mother of 6 kids and need a little help this year.I dont think ill be able to afford christmas gifts this year.IIN new jeresy

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4 Responses to “Does anyoneknow where i can sign up to get gifts for christmas?”

  1. Classy Granny said:

    It’s a little early to be worried just yet, but when it gets closer there are lots of organizations to help parents in need. Toy’s for Tots, Angel Trees set up in lots of different department stores, Salvation Army, Local churches. I might add that the father of those 6 children help you out to.

  2. littleprincess said:

    No it is not too early to think about this subject many places will soon be signing people up for that… first off there is the salvation army will be starting sooon call them up and ask when it will be starting.2also some charties sign up thru there local schools they go to so also check with the local schools,,,also if you belong to a local church also you may also ask local churces too as well as community centers also ..also if you have a local chamber of commerce ask them as well they may tell you all your local town charites whom do help families during the holidays…salvation army will soon be sighning up,,they have thanks giving food baskets and christmas food baskets too,,,also if you are one of many whom go to a local food pantry every month some of these places have holiday help as well.. so i have been in need my self when my son was a tot too,,,so i hope this helps your family … Happy holidays to you always….filled with plenty of joys….from a polish gal

  3. Daisy said:

    I suggest you check our your local Salvation Army, local churches, and the United Way. Many of these agencies help at Christmastime.

    It may be a bit early to sign up, but these agencies can tell you when the sign ups begin. Be ready with proof of income- to show that you qualify for the gifts, etc.

    Many of the agencies share information so everyone gets help. (This prevents people from signing up with multiple agencies to get more stuff).

  4. Sweet n Sour said:

    Your kids school might be looking for a family to do Secret Santa gifts for, or the church you attend. If you aren’t attending any church, you should. They can provide support for you both physically and spiritually.


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