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Question about Christmas gifts and multiple children?

Do you give each child a equal number of gifts or an equal amount (monetarily) for gifts? And do you give some gifts from you and some from Santa? If you give equally in the number of gifts how many gifts does each child receive? We have decided on six gifts per child this year. Everything comes from Santa (If anything goes under the tree before Christmas the paper will surely get “accidentally” ripped open). And we could not give equally monetarily because all of the things my 11 year old are asking for are way more expensive than the things my 2 and 4 year old will enjoy.

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15 Responses to “Question about Christmas gifts and multiple children?”

  1. Ari said:

    we have 3 kids….16-18-24….we have never counted the gifts or the money spent…no problems have ever occured….

  2. Michael C said:

    Well, traditionally there was a monetary cap (a fifteen year old wanting a ps3 or a video game does not equate to a six year old girl wanting a barbie)…. but when I started my own family, how we do it is a small amount of gifts on Christmas that are meaningful (as it is really not about gift giving but about family/ a religious holiday) and we focus big gifts around birthdays. This way, generally the cost is dispersed through out the year, and we try to keep the meaning and celebration where it belongs… christmas on family, b-day on celebration of the individual.

  3. Mommy of 5 said:

    We don’t buy equal gifts. What we do is set an amount we are going to spend on each child. And it may sound mean but we also have an 11 year old and the things she likes are a tad more expensive, so the amount for her is a little higher I mean most 11 year olds are not going to be happy with Hot Wheels or a Barbie ( what’s on my 5 and 6 year olds list).

    We put 1 fun thing from us and the rest from Santa. Cause everyone knows how cool Santa is lol.

  4. Kaitlyn ♥LOML♥ said:

    Well I think that the 2 and 4 year old are not going to care how much you spend on them. I’m pretty sure you can wrap up an empty box and it would make their day. I think the amount is a good idea. 6 gifts each is plenty.

  5. sandy said:

    We give equal number of gifts. Kids especially little kids don’t add up the costs of everyone’s gifts but they may count how many each kid got. For my 6 year old half comes from Santa. My other kids don’t believe in him anymore. Six gifts is about what our kids are getting too.

  6. ~Jax is my boy~ said:

    I would think that you would need to spend more on the older child. I know that my sons toys are fairly cheap and the amount of money I spend on my sisters girls has steadily increased over the years (it was art supplies, now it’s a Wii game). I would not worry about the price tag for now, it will all even out in the end !!!

  7. ♡ ту & яι'ѕ мαмα ιѕ ттc #3 ♡ said:

    For now, I try to do an equal amount of gifts because they are so young. I won’t spend $200 on my oldest and $100 on my youngest though…so I guess i try to keep the price close with the same amount of gifts.

    Now this year, I am actually not doing that many “for you” gifts and actually doing “for both of you” gifts. They both play with each other’s anyways. They will each receive a bike, clothes, & a Toy Story doll (one has Woody & the other has Buzz). The rest of the gifts are for the both of them.

    I might do the “for you” gifts from us and the “for both of you” gifts from the North Pole. (i do Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Frosty, etc…)

    Now when they are older and into more expensive things, obviously it will mostly be about cost and not quantity.

  8. Hello Kitty said:

    well you can do it one of two ways. you can give the children monetory things, but explain to them that santa is giving you a choice of getting one expensive thing, or get many smaller things. that way the 11 year old can make a decision.

    but it looks like you already made a decision. so i am not sure you are asking.

    how we did it in the past is monetory, and try to get the same amount. but we explained what options we were given.

  9. Not A Supermum! said:

    We generally buy one big gift, and then a few smaller ones. If one ‘big’ gift costs more than the other ‘big’ gift – no matter. I judge it on how much my children will enjoy them rather than how much we spent. Our 4 year old’s big gift this year cost way over 3 times the price of my 13 month olds – but nonetheless, I’m sure they will be equally enjoyed.
    I try to level out the smaller gifts though, not because of money, but because it’s nice to have somewhere around the same amount of gifts to open.

  10. Sandy Clause said:

    For now, we spend the same amount of money on each child. The number of gifts varies. I’m sure when they are older, we will have to do like you and each get a specific amount of gifts. The 4 year old is the only one that knows about Christmas right now, and the most expensive thing he asked for was about $50. Everything they get is from Santa (I even label my husband’s presents from Santa) but I do give them Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve. No gifts get put under the tree though until they are in bed Christmas Eve, it’s hard enough keeping them away from the tree as it is.

  11. Karamazov said:

    Hard to do that. GIve the same toy to some of them, the one the really really want , that way none of their feelings would be hurt.

  12. Dylan Ethans Mom Lillian due feb said:

    We always do the same amount..we try to spend around the same dollar amount give or take a little..

    We usually do 15 gifts per child and a couple presents for both children to share..we do some from us and some from santa..

    We spend to much each year..but I am trying to do better this year…lol

  13. Tina said:

    At my house we use the money method because like everyone else says what my 11 year old wants is more expensive than what my 4 year old wants. Each child gets 1 present from Santa and it isn’t wrapped so It’s the 1st thing they see under the tree Christmas morning.

  14. mookie said:

    What my parents have always done is set a limit money wise – say, £100 per child, and go by that. My parents give us the big presents (e.g. a new camera, iPod etc) whereas from Santa we’ve always got small bits (e.g. chocolate, socks, little bits like that).

  15. Mommy of 4 said:

    We keep the number of presents equal because when they were all little that’s how they thought it was “fair”. We try to keep pretty close in money & have wrapped multiple things together to keep packages at the same number. They never complained about that as long as the all opened the same number of boxes. Mine are now 21,20 & 2 THAT ARE 16.


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