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What does it mean with this greeting, “Mary Christmas & A Jesus New Year” sent by a friend?

My friend is an agnostic and quite a philosopher and he does not really believe about Christmas, but he respects my religion and does not say anything about it. Yet, now he is greeting me a “Mary Christmas & A Jesus New Year”, is he insulting me or just giving me a deeper meaning about Christmas? Please give me your opinion or explanation. Thank you very much.

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11 Responses to “What does it mean with this greeting, “Mary Christmas & A Jesus New Year” sent by a friend?”

  1. Lisa said :

    I’m not sure but maybe hes just trying to be sensitive to your beliefs but its coming off wrong. It just seems like a really awkward thing to say…

    I think you should ask him. Hes your friend, afterall.

  2. Skookum said :

    Ask him. He’s the one who sent it and the only one who knows what he means.

  3. Gus said :

    Perhaps he was sending a Christian message simply because he knows you are a Christian, with no insult intended.

  4. Em Hotep said :

    Did he say it or write it? They way you said “sent” I would be inclined to think it was written and in that case I would think he massively misspelled it ( seems unlikely but I have met people with extremely atrocious spelling).

    Honestly, just ask him why he said it.

  5. Anonymous said :

    I think he’s just having fun at your expense.

  6. Rico JPA said :

    Well, he sounds nicer than me. One year I sent everyone a picture of a moose with deer antlers on his head, and his old palmate antlers in his hand. It said, “Manfred traded in his old antlers. Now he’s a merry ex-moose and a happy new deer.”

  7. Marcus said :

    I don’t know. I’m not a Christian.

  8. wispy said :

    I would tell him that sarcasm is the lowest form of humour.

  9. MasterOfUniverse said :

    Making fun at your expense by inserting the name of the Virgin Mary and Jesus into the wishes. Ignore the ignorance of his act and simply wish him a Blessed Christmas and Blessed New Year.

  10. Catherine G said :

    Since your friend respects your religion, I believe that he means well with his greeting of “Mary Christmas & A Jesus New Year”. He is giving you a somewhat deeper meaning of Christmas from his own viewpoint and that is, he wants you to focus on the Mother of Jesus Mary on this Christmas season. He means for you to shift your thinking about the festivity and Santa Claus commercial consciousness on Christmas but to have a good look on Mary the Mother of Jesus. And by his saying for a “Jesus New Year” he means for you to reflect more on Jesus and his Good Works, to concentrate more on the Nativity Scene rather than the Activity Scene on this holiday. I appreciate the gesture of your friend and he is one in a million. He maybe agnostic, but I think as a philosopher, he seems to be closer to the meaning of Christmas than the ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry.

    Good luck to you and to your friend and cheers for the holiday. Yes, I greet you too, “Mary Christmas & A Jesus New Year!”

    Feliz Navidad! Ciao!

  11. Cher was here JPA said :

    Like Rico I think he just thinks it’s a funny play on words — with no deeper meaning or insult intended. Sounds like he has a sense of humor.

    How can it be insulting to include Mary & Jesus in a Christmas happiness greeting to a Christian? They’re all related topics!!

    Of course if you ask him, that’s the way I’d go with this. Personally I think Rico’s is funnier & a better play on words. Edit: Rico – can I borrow that? I can think of a few friends who will get a kick out of it.

    I’m Jewish. We have stuff like this all the time, including in some of our songs. Did you hear about Ms. Maccabi & her latkas being the reason Judah won? It’s a very funny song…

    Oh & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year — hope they are both great ones!!!


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