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What are your new years resolutions going to be this year?

I know its a bit early, but its been on my mind recently. Mine is that I’m mainly looking to enjoy life more! The last few years i’ve been badly affected by the recession, but come this new year, i’m going to try and move on from this sorry story and really start enjoying life again. How i enjoy it, i actually don’t know? i might have to look into getting a life coach or something.

What are yours?

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7 Responses to “What are your new years resolutions going to be this year?”

  1. Ava J said:

    better grades, watch less tv, stop biting my nails

  2. rkbtoo said:

    same as every other year……not to make any

  3. Marcia said:

    I’m going to try to give at least one person, the benefit of doubt, everyday. And try to have kinder thoughts.

  4. angel of light!!xxx said:

    my new years resolution would be…………………….not to keep any becuse i never keep it 😀

  5. Pearl L said:

    dont have any

  6. Kyra said:

    I’m not sure really. I tend to make goals as an ongoing thing and try to work towards them all year round. I guess it’s particularly important for me to do that as I’m trying to recover from mental health problems. Good luck with your new years resolutions in advance. I know it’s a bit of a cliche but life is for enjoying-you only get one!

  7. you know who2 said:

    To earn more and finally move out of my present apartment which is a god-forgotten ugly place. 🙂


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