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What are the best Christmas gifts this year for kids?

I have eight nieces and nephews under the age of 5. What are some cool gifts for Christmas this year.? They are in California, so I want to keep shipping costs down too. Any ideas?

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25 Responses to “What are the best Christmas gifts this year for kids?”

  1. Big E said:

    gift cards

  2. jebuscripes12345 said:

    fudge.. they all like fudge.

  3. Live4Love said:

    Webkins. Everyone loves them.

  4. bsktbll0621 said:

    A gym membership

  5. Thuckone said:

    A rifle and a passport seem to be the trend.

  6. Ryan M said:

    stuffed animals are always a hit.

  7. bill w said:

    books and educational toys. ones that are not fragile or noisy or messy.


    stuff like that

  8. Manson said:

    Books are the best gifts you can give kids and any one for that matter. but best toys is something that they wont get sick of after a few days. something that will be educational and fun

  9. jenae24_d said:

    I got a play air guitar for my niece shes going to be 4 next year. I know she will luv it!

  10. glory. d said:

    gift cards for target they can get whatever

  11. ssn_hamer said:

    the will for older kids , polly pocket for younger girls transformers for boys , you are a nice aunty

  12. MzMcCoy said:

    Stuffed animals, Disney tapes, clothing, lunchboxes, those books that have animated voices in them and crayons or coloring books.

  13. HAKUNA MATATA said:

    My little boy is 3 and all he wants in Moonsand, approx £10 in UK, sand that can be moulded, seems far better than playdoh and not that heavy to post. Santas sleigh wont be too laden down with this stuff! Good luck

  14. Brittany said:

    Oh yeah! They like little tikes! My daughter is four and she LOVES litttle tikes! There are playhouses, little cars, for under $100

  15. Jovacia M said:

    the new game called leapster it helps them in math an reading

  16. Warren W- a Mormon engineer said:

    The gift of home schooling. Taking them out of the government whimp training program into a real learning environment shows you truly love them.

  17. Diana said:

    the learning games like the leap frog,v-tech,board games,arts n crafts.

  18. Erika y said:

    The wii, or ds, highly recommend wii that way they wont be fighting over who gets to play with it, very engaging and the whole family will love to play it hope this helps.

    Since there 8 kids get one thing maybe it can be pricy but worthwhile

    when you buy the wii also buy some engaging games:
    since there young buy,
    mario party 8
    MArio galxy and maybe mysims
    there are more awsome games just cant think of them right now hope this helps.

  19. Charley.D said:

    Well im an expert at this – Lol im a kid(13) We like stuff like teddy bears,the coolest thing right now is a nintendo wii but the but a nintendo ds is cool aswell.We Love pure chocolate and money!LOL!Hope I helped!XXgood luck

  20. Kathleen M said:

    For girls, u could try barbie ( thats what i liked) or polly pocket. if u don’t want to harm them, try getting something like a stuffy big dog or something. For the boys, u could give them transformers or power rangers or something like that i’m not a boy so i definetly do not know. Hope I helped u! Good Luck!

  21. jjhabybaby said:

    things they can build
    to build brain and education
    but make sure they will have fun with it and leave it alone after like 2 weeks

  22. Minnie Mouse said:

    Get your nieces and nephews Webkinz lots of kids love webkinz! Webkinz are stuff ted animals that come with a secret code you enter the code on When you enter the code you adopt the pet you got. You name the pet whatever you want. On webkinz you can play with your virtual pet, play games,and have lots of fun!

  23. Forrest P said:

    As a teenager, I can definitely say:
    For girls:
    – Clothes
    – iPod/iPhone
    – Nintendo DS + Nintendogs

    For boys:
    – Nintendo DS
    – PSP
    – Nintendo Wii

  24. Blue said:

    Coloring books, coloring posters & crayons.

  25. Abi H said:

    If these exist in the United States, Bindeez. If not, buy them some fun stuff to do at the beach or in the backyard. If you have a girly girl try maybe some self made jewlerry or maybe some perfume or hair accesories. And defintley get them chocolate.



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