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Christmas Shopping?

How much money do you spend on Christmas shopping? Do you buy for all of your family or just your immediate family?

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16 Responses to “Christmas Shopping?”

  1. wuxxler said:

    I buy for my wife.

    She buys for everyone else we know (and some we don’t know!)

  2. mithril said:

    Too much.

    Try making a gift for the grandparents. They usually buy for everyone and get so little in return.

  3. xxsilvermane5477xx said:

    for your immediate family buy something special…..something they like…for the rest just buy something ok

  4. keys said:

    I buy gifts for my immediate family. As far as friends and other relatives go, it depends on whether or not I have kept in contact with them very well. If I talk to them a lot I usually get a small gift.

  5. Roadpizza said:

    Abot 3-$400. Cards for the outsiders, and little things for just about everyone, & about $60 a piece on the ‘rents.

  6. Brenda R said:

    i think how much someone spends is a rude question. but that’s probably because i am old fashion.
    my husband and i never had children.but i can say we use to buy for every one. then the family just got to big. we exchanged gift for a while. now we buy for our parents, and each other. but through the years and even now if someone in the family is having a tough time of it we make sure they have a christmas.

  7. mizzgov_08 said:

    I always buy for my grandma, and she’s over 500 miles away. But I usually only buy for the people who live near me, such as immediate family and friends. Now if I go home for the holidays, I feel obligated to buy for every single person there. That’s why I try to only go for Thanksgiving. Is that selfish or what???

  8. bjn7671 said:

    i want to start donating $10 to a non-profit for each member of the family and our good friends – it would be well over $2000

  9. Ms TK EYES said:

    I don’t have a job so I can’t really spend any money. If I have a boyfriend then we do our thing by exchanging gifts. And me and my brothers don’t buy each other gifts, our parents just put our names on each others stuff even though there 21,26 now lol. Once I get a job I’d probably start buying for my immediate family, I’ve always wanted to since I was little.

  10. Mark M said:

    I usually spend $50 a gift for each of my brothers, $100-$200 for each of my parents. Since I live out of state, I shop online early and have the stuff shipped home, gift wrapped, so it’s waiting under the tree before I get off the plane. We’ve gotten to the point where every fall we exchange Christmas lists via email or set up wish lists at sites like Amazon.

  11. Spud55 said:

    We take Christmas giving pretty seriously at our house. My wife and I buy for each other and the three kids, a son-in-law, a daughter-in-law, and a grandson. This year we will have my mother-in-law with us for Christmas and new twin grandchildren. We will probably end up spending $1500-2000 for gifts.

  12. Molly SH said:

    I make a list of who I want to get stuff for, ideas of what I want to get them, how much I want to spend, what I actually got them, if I wrapped them. Once I decide what to get them, I shop around until I find the best price. If you buy things on-line sometimes you can get a better price if you do one trick. Go all the way to check-out. Go through the whole thing until you have to press process order or place order or something like that. then just close the entire window down. Sometimes a window will pop up with a discount code. I know does that. Also you can use the link below to create a list of your own

  13. thaigoddess1 said:

    I will usually buy presents for my immediate family (Grandparents, Parents and siblings) and send cards to everyone else. I also like to get a little something for my bestfriend and her daughters (my God-daughters). My boyfriend has a much larger family. So, we draw names with the immediate family and will do a Chinese Gift Exchange with everyone else.

  14. Trace said:

    That is a very good question. I spend 30.00 on our other family members and on my hubby and kids whole different story. We never have much money so they usually get new clothes and stuff. Good luck i hope you find the answer you are looking for

  15. dmnyco said:

    We buy for the whole family plus always have to have generic gifts for those people that stop by unannounced. My husband insists that everyone that comes to our house on Christmas gets a present.

    Unfortunately we spend waaaayyyy tooooo much. Usually about $1000 total – unless my hubby wants something special then it can be a whole lot more (Like the year we brought a pickup truck on Christmas Eve)

  16. mommy/4 said:

    I have four children and we spend 200.00 in gifts apiece and 50.00 in clothing a piece also .Yes we buy for all our family its not much but its something . We usually try to stick to less than 20.00 on them.


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