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Will we look rude and cheap if we give this as Christmas gifts?

My husband and I are on a tight budget this year and we’re not going to have much money to spend on Christmas gifts. The only person we are planning on buying a gift for is my 6 year old brother and we were going to give homemade, frosted sugar cookies and homemade chocolate dipped pretzels to everyone else (our parents, grandparents and adult siblings). I saw some pretty Christmas tins at the dollar store to put them in.

Will we look cheap and rude doing this? We really can’t afford to spend much this year.

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14 Responses to “Will we look rude and cheap if we give this as Christmas gifts?”

  1. eddieisloved said:

    I would say no, especially if your family knows about your situation. But I would find some other little things to show that you put effort into the gifts. My mom has a big family and didn’t really want to spend money on everyone so she did a cookie in a jar (has all the dry ingredients) they loved it.

  2. ITA B said:

    No you do not if you are on a tight budget. If you were rich or you had money to spend, then you would be rude and cheap.

  3. kewpie003 said:

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fact that you will be taking your time, making it with love , and doing it togeather with your husband makes it very special. Anyone can buy a gift card because it’s easy but you are giving of yourself. Great ideas!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jesus loves you said:

    What i have a good idea you could make you sonplay dough

  5. JIMMERS said:

    no you wont but you can give out candy canes small christmas toy stuff, choclates, packages of food and coco and walmart, popcorn buckets, raindeer antlers, movies that are only 5 bucks

  6. Jan K said:

    I am sure if you explain your financial situation to people (especially family) they should understand. If not, tell them they can pay your bills as a Christmas gift to you and your husband!

  7. Danzarth said:

    I would say that no one will think negatively of you, especially if they know your situation. Just try to give it some personal touches. As tacky and overused as the expression is, it really is the thought that counts. Your loved ones will know that you wish you could do more.

  8. June B said:

    A container of goodies is a wonderful gift. Your love and attention year round is what matters most!!

  9. Rob Riff said:

    NO I think your family will understand

  10. Zuelette said:

    Not at all. Taking time to make a gift for someone means so much more than going into debt.

  11. J said:

    No, it is a gift from the heart. It is the thought that counts, and who can turn down cookies? Add some nice ribbon to dress it up and make sure to include a heart felt card!

  12. Stephanie H said:

    I prefer homemade gifts to those that are purchased & I give homemade gifts every year too. A lot of time & energy goes into baking & decorating cookies, and it shows people that you care enough to spend your time on them.

  13. Cindy W said:

    i LOVE those kinds of gifts! cookies are great and i would use the tin for other stuff, it’s a win win for me!

  14. peppersham said:

    No,its a very thoughful gift thats useful.I too am on small budget and I also do a few of these type gifts and I find they are always appreciated.Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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