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Do atheists celebrate give gifts at Christmas time?

I mean that’s gotta be a drag on their kids. They go to school and hear about kids getting Hannuka and Christmas gifts and more then likely they get nothing.

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21 Responses to “Do atheists celebrate give gifts at Christmas time?”

  1. Bertrand Encourages Thought said:

    Christianity stole the gift-giving holiday from the Pagans to make mandatory conversion at penalty of death easier for the new converts.

    Yes, most atheists who celebrate Christmas do give gifts but it’s celebrated as a commemoration of the Solstice, not as a celebration of a person who likely never existed.

  2. Dass said:

    Yes. Because hey, free stuff.

  3. han said:

    depending where you live.
    In the USA for example, Christmas Holiday is a secular holiday, as defined by the government.

  4. suspicious . said:

    And yet christians stole gift giving from the pagans…

  5. |Gordon| |Freeeman| の領主アンデッド said:

    Yeah most do.

  6. J.P. said:

    i still celebrate it because my family does and i feel like getting people presents.

  7. BlackJack said:

    I’m a sucker for a good pagan holiday. Just because I don’t believe a particular religion doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun every now and then on their holidays does it?

  8. RazzmaTaz (o:-:o( said:

    Some do. Some don’t.

    It’s no one’s business, other than the one making the choice.

  9. 平和の調和 said:

    Yes for the free candy from local idiots

    Do Christan’s celebrate evil tradition as Halloween =YES

  10. Higgs Boson said:

    Yeah we home school our kids on Christmas just out of spite and have filed numerous laws suits to keep schools and stores open but no one will listen.

    What a maroon.

  11. jessica [GORE] said:

    My family celebrates Christmas so therefore I do.

    I would just call it “Present Day” if I were to ever have kids. It’s already mainstreamed to the point where it isn’t that difficult.

  12. Gorgeoustx Elect Bill White said:


    Christianity does not own December 25th.

    Here’s a list of some other deities that have claimed Dec. 25 as their own. It includes:

    Horus (c. 3000 BCE)
    Osiris (c. 3000 BCE)
    Attis of Phrygia (c.1400 BCE)
    Krishna (c. 1400 BCE)
    Zoroaster/Zarathustra (c. 1000 BCE)
    Mithra of Persia (c. 600 BCE)
    Heracles (c. 800 BCE)
    Dionysus (c. 186 BCE)
    Tammuz (c. 400 BCE)
    Adonis (c. 200 BCE)

    A busy day in the life of the gods!

  13. mo in the middle said:

    Yes indeedy! We’re into the commercial, elves and santa, religion free Christmas, just like most Christians.

  14. felixthecat said:

    I think it would be more than a little disingenuous for them to celebrate holidays but I suspect you may be right — some would probably find it difficult to deprive their children of the experience when their peers do celebrate. I’ve often thought that many adults who now live an Atheist lifestyle, were brought up Christian, Jew, or whatever, and they had childhoods where they experienced all the celebratory stuff–How do you explain to your children that you now expect them to ignore all of the hoopla that their peers are relishing? Actually, I know a lot of Jehovah’s Witnesses who are the same way – they don’t celebrate ANY holidays but most of them were brought up with all the traditional trappings. It just seems so wrong somehow. Still, it’s not our place to tell them what to do. It’s just always hard to see children go through the feeling of isolation this stuff can cause – it’s painful for them and they can’t really understand…

  15. Daphne The Magic Pillow said:

    I celebrate Christmas. My entire family is also Christian. I plan on celebrating Christmas every year for the rest of my life including after having children. Around Christmas time noone around here hardly even mentions Christianity, it’s more about the tree, and “what are you doing for the holidays”, and giving gifts to people you care about. Also if you look into the origins of the holiday’s history, you’ll realize that Christianity didn’t become a part of the celebration until about 1,600 years after it had begun, and the only reason Christianity laid claim to the religion was because they were losing members of the church because the holiday was at first seen as hedonistic and they would excommunicate anyone who celebrated it.

    Here, I even googled it for you:

  16. daisygirl510 said:

    some do, some don’t
    i’m atheist but i still celebrate christmas 🙂
    the reason i do is because since both my parents were raised Catholic (but became atheists), it’s sort of a tradition
    and we do it to bond with each other and have fun getting presents 😛
    i also know an atheist who celebrates hanukkah just for the fun of it
    so i think a lot of us do use the winter as a time to spend time with family and stuff 😀

  17. Karly said:

    atheists are ignorant people and completely indecisive. they are just too scared to believe in god.

  18. gar69azusa said:

    Actually, the atheist do not need a reason to treat kids with gifts.But that is why Santa comes in.

  19. Taylor said:

    I am an atheist. And yes i do celebrate Christmas. I do not view it as the big J’s birthday, but rather as a day were friends and family can come together and experience the joy of gift giving.

    @Karly – Saying that “atheists are ignorant people and completely indecisive. they are just too scared to believe in god.” makes you sound very ignorant. Also why do you claim that atheists are to afraid to believe in god? That does not even come close to making any sense.

  20. JD said:

    The idea of giving gifts at that time of year is not an original Christian idea.
    It was adopted to get more people over the Christianity.
    When my kids were younger, they got gifts from Santa, and mom&dad, never did they get one from a god of Jesus.

  21. Sketch said:

    stfu n00b


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