What are good gifts to give to 4 friends for Christmas?

Me and my friends are exchanging Christmas gifts on new years, any ideas for $20 or less?

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4 Responses to “What are good gifts to give to 4 friends for Christmas?”

  1. Dee said:

    You can buy little gift bags($1) and fill them with lots of little, inexpensive things.
    Lipgloss, eyeliner, perfume, lotion, keychain, jewelry, fuzzy socks, photo frame, things like that.
    You could also make homemade cards and give them that.

  2. CutePinkTop said:

    This year I bought my three closest friends 5 gifts and put them in boxes of descending sizes!
    Box 1 (Tiny) – Their favorite sweet (For mine – Malteasers, Skittles, Strawberry Laces)
    Box 2 (Small) – Their favorite toiletry ( For mine – Paris Hilton Perfume, Max Factor Foundation, Shop Coconut Body Butter)
    Box 3 (Regular) – Some nice (but cheap) jewelry (For mine Earrings (from Argos), A Necklace (From Claires Accessories), A Wrist Watch (From TJ Hughes),
    Box 4 (Quite Big) – Something for their room or home (For mine, a Clock, A piggy bank, A Michael Buble Poster)
    Box 5 (Big) – A Photo frame or album and a photograph of you together (I gave each of my friends an album with one photo of us together and a disposable camera to take their own photos)

    The Total cost came to about…

    Boxes – £5 max
    Sweets – 50p max
    Toiletry – £5 max
    Jewelry – £4 max
    Bedroom – £7 max
    Album – £3 max
    Camera – £4 max

    Total – £28.50

    This is a little more than you suggested but obviously you can adjust it to fit your budget and your friends!

  3. *Spoon* said:

    wind chimes
    snow globe
    manicure kit w/ files & polish
    make up case
    toe socks
    ankle bracelet
    wall clock
    shower radio
    cute slippers
    travel coffee mug set
    bird feeder
    bagel toaster
    books ; Bible, cookbook, biographies,etc…
    scented candles
    charging station stand ( for electronics)


  4. Nobody Important said:

    If you are all best friends, why not take a photo of all of you all (that you already have) and make it into a calendar. One for each. I did that for my friends and they loved it. (We had all taken a pic w/ Santa earlier that same year for fun) When it is over (the year, that is, not the friendship) they can frame it. Something that you all have. Walgreens or Kinkos can do that for ya.


    A gift certificate to a favorite restaurant (the same place) so that you all can go out to eat together later)

    or, there is always a Netflix gift certificate. I love those.


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