In US how do people give Christmas gifts to their colleagues ?

Usually do people give the Christmas gifts to their colleagues in person, or try to do this without seeing the recipients, like put the gifts on their desks before leaving from work, or put in their mail box? Could you explain a little bit why some way is more popular then the other? Thanks!

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  1. tiff_scifi said:

    This is a good question. Some businesses have what’s called a “Secret Santa” where names are chosen by workers and the name chosen is who you buy gifts for. This method means everyone gets 1 gift from a coworker and no one knows who is buying for whom. This is usually shown in TV and movies, and it does happen. It really depends on the business, though – I work with several close friends, so we have a day chosen to exchange gifts with each other rather than doing it secretly.

    I think Secret Santa is popular because it is cheaper to buy only one gift than to buy for everyone you’re acquainted with in your business.

  2. sgtcjl said:

    I don’t think one way is more popular than the other, it depends on each person’s preference and possibly on each company’s way of doing things. Some company’s do gift exchanges at a company party, some company’s do “Secret Santa” where the point is to hide one’s identity. Some people like to remain anonymous and some people like to see the reaction of the person they are giving the gift to.

  3. cheerleader macayla said:

    Yes we do.
    Did you just like go to the usa well any way yes


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