How does your Christmas budget look this year compared to last year?

Mine is a bit smaller. I’ve always been frugal but I’m trying to cut back even more becuase I’m trying to buy a vacation home since prices are falling. I will be out on Black Friday trying to scoop up as many bargains as possible.

What are your plans for Christmas this year? Where are you cutting back- or are you staying about the same as the last few years?

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12 Responses to “How does your Christmas budget look this year compared to last year?”

  1. Angela P said:

    I buy all year long but my funds have decreased drastically so we are cutting back.

  2. Marysia said:

    since i don’t go nuts – it’s about the same. i would rather give to others adn if that means cutting back on something for myself then so be it.

  3. dvcgurl said:

    good i save money to the side 100$ every month so i dont use my credit card

  4. Snowflake said:

    My outlook is better- I recently inherited money and I plan to use some of it for Christmas. I otherwise could never afford to buy big gifts.

  5. Pagan Princess said:

    My budget looks like sh!t.
    Last year I went all out. This year we have an over bearing house payment.

  6. ♫ Nobody Does It Better ♫ said:

    My parents said that they’ve already gone Christmas shopping for me, friends, family, co – workers and their “budget” looks the same as last year, maybe a little more though.

    As for me, I’m a fifteen year old girl with no job until she turns sixteen then she’ll get her job at Fashion Bug. I have a ton of money saved up though in the bank, I mean a ton. Last year I spent the most on my parents so I don’t know. Maybe I’ll personally try to spend a little less, but knowing how I am with my parents, my mom especially I’ll probably end up spending more.

  7. Unsure said:

    I’ve always been careful how much I spend and with being young and my siblings marrying and having children it seems that every year there are more and more people I am buying for. This year I have no real money to speak of so what I’ve been doing is buying ingredients each week when I go to the supermarket, and my plan is to just make Christmas candy for each “family”. I have about 6-7 different recipes so each family will get a nice assortment of candy, and I will not break my bank. I just don’t have the money.

  8. Mary said:

    Mine is a lot smaller!!! We had a baby so I decided to not return to work. We live in a rough area and the daycare and babysitter options are atrocious. So we told all of the family not to by for me and my husband, just buy for the baby. And we’re grouping gifts together instead of buying individually. Like for my parents. Instead of 2 we’re only buying 1.

  9. iluvmyboys26 said:

    My budget last year was 1500 for my three kids and they got twenty things a piece and I bought my husband, mom, her husband, my dad, my step mom, my little sister, my half brother, my older sister, grandma, mother in law, father in law, brother in law gifts and probably spent 500 more. this year I have a budget of 1100 for my three kids and my husband and I aren’t getting each other anything nor are we getting the family anything so it is way less this year.

  10. yogi said:

    Its going to be very tight this year. Honestly I don’t find many good bargains on Black Friday. They never have what I’m looking for on sale.

  11. peppersham said:

    About the same I have a budget.We never have extravagant Christmas so its usually practical and usable things.Half the fun is the hunt.I pretty much know what I am giving this year so its just waiting for on sale or a better buy.Never buy Christmas on credit.I will cut back on some decorating I think I won’t do as many lights as in years past,it will still be beautiful.I make a few things also so its always fun and interesting,to see how that goes.I have noot found black friday to be that much fun and hardly ever find what I am looking for although I will be doing it this year and an auction too!

  12. shawnLacey said:

    Much the same, but Obama will give me more money next year.


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