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I am making christmas gifts this year but I have no clue what to make my nephews?

This year for christmas I decided to make my gifts I know what I’m going to make for my neices but I have no clue what to make my nephews ages 4, 3, 2, & 7 months.

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7 Responses to “I am making christmas gifts this year but I have no clue what to make my nephews?”

  1. dearylou said:

    I just made some paintings. I bought a preprimed canvas. Found their favorite cartoon characters online. Printed and enlarged the pictures. Transfered the image to the canvas with tracing paper. Paint by number basically. Just do a solid background. Then outline with a marker.

  2. ozma said:

    make them there own xmas ornament.
    crochet a blankie.
    a few years ago i decorated ornaments and inside them i had tickets to seaworld. they were pretty big ornaments. i told them to got o the tree and find there ornament. it was fun. good luck!

  3. Hot Momma 83 said:

    Something cute for the four year old could be writing a book (doesn’t have to be professional looking) that is person to him. (With him as the main character). Maybe for the three year old too. (Depends on how interested in books he is.) The two year old might like a homemade pillow or blanket, (again, depends on his interest.) The 7 month old might like this as well. Hope this helps…

  4. roeskats said:

    one year I made these throws that are great when traveling or watching TV or even on their beds. If you sew it’s pretty easy. What was unique is it had a large pocket on one end in the middle and when you folded it into 3’s the throw snuggly fit in the pocket and it created a pillow. I made them age appropriate, super hero’s, teddy bears, favorite colors it was a popular gift. If you take a large scrap of cloth and experiment you will come up with how to set it up on the fabric of choice. With some of the new fleece type fabrics it easy to make. If you put a face of a character on the pocket part you can put holes in for the eyes and they can use as a mask, of the character, and they will also have a cape when they wear it.

  5. L said:

    Hats, a game book /flash cards that have the rules to indoor/outdoor games like hide and seek or leap frog.
    How about getting the stuff for them to make with you like bird feeders out of pine cones, pot holders, cookie cutters
    at thous ages they still like grown ups to play with.

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  7. Krystle Chow said:

    You could make the older ones a little craft kit so they can make their own scrapbook – stickers, craft paper and scissors, ribbons and stuff like that.

    Or you could start them off on a collection – when I was little I loved collecting things like stickers and stamps. Buy a few nice collectibles to start them off and then they can build on the collection as they get older.

    Or if you’re pretty creative, you could make a simple board game for them to enjoy.


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