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Why do people wait LAST minute to go Christmas shopping?

I tried to go to Target for some leggings, that’s it. Completely unrelated to Christmas, but I can’t because it’s packed with people fighting for spots so they can do their last minute shopping.
URGH! lol Do you wait last minute too, or are you like me and get it all done early?

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5 Responses to “Why do people wait LAST minute to go Christmas shopping?”

  1. Diane said:

    Some people put it off to the last last minute, others like to wait and try to get better deals on gifts.
    Some are not in the holiday spirit until its closer to Christmas.

  2. Autumngirl said:

    I get most of mine done early, but there’s ALWAYS something or someone I forgot. There’s almost no way to do Christmas 100% in advance in the face of suddenly receiving some gift or other from the boss, from a not-so-close friend, etc., etc.

    Some of the people you see rushing around are doing all their shopping last-minute, yes; usually, those are the people who have dreaded it so much that they have put it off. *Or* they’re like the many, many people who simply have no extra cash at all but are hoping and praying for a holiday bonus…which doesn’t typically come until the week before Christmas or even Christmas Eve.

    We hand-made a lot of our presents this year to avoid this as much as possible; I kept the supplies on hand to make more whenever I needed one more present. That could be a good idea for anyone. It was fun and I’m doing it again next year. My family had a blast doing this.

  3. Starling said:

    Well, for me, it is alot to try to work a full time job, pick up 9 separate “special” gifts for people in my family, plus do three websites on the side, and do music practice. So it really is just like I run out of time.

  4. sama said:

    its mostly either last minuete sales or last minuete ideas. please click on my name to answer my question! i really need help and no 1 is answering

  5. ~Josh said:

    Some stores put last minute sales on popular items.
    But i just get it done like a month before because the stores are a mad house D:

    xD 2 days till x-mas MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


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