What Christmas decorations should I have for a Ladies Tea Party?

I am decorating for a Christmas Tea Party, and I want more decorations than candles and pine. Does anybody have any other decoration ideas? Or any that use pine cones or candles differently? I would much appreciate it! Thanks for all answers!!! (PS I am already using tea sets LOL)

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4 Responses to “What Christmas decorations should I have for a Ladies Tea Party?”

  1. N K said:

    Well what I usually do is wrap like this garland stuff around my banister. It’s made out of pine needles and looks very festive. Also, maybe some wreaths decorated with pine cones and holly?

  2. Native Okie said:

    Use large pine cones as place card holders at each place setting. Or use Christmas cards as place cards. Make old time spice balls for decoration. Start with a large orange and use an ice pick to stick holes in the orange, push whole cloves into the holes. After the orange is covered with cloves wrap it in net or tulle and tie with a ribbon. these smell great and are a reminder of Christmas decorations from the past.

  3. mayasmom said:

    Oh this is fun! Let’s see: what about holly (real holly with the deep green leaves and bright red berries). Oh what about doing a green table cloth, a brown natural round place-mats, set your plates and tea cups up on the tables, place mats, decorate with cream white candles and pine. have a cream colored napkin tied up with some natural fiber string with a pine sprig (and a small pine cone?). put a sprig of holly on each of the saucers of the cups. For a centerpiece what about a silver candle holder (that holds 3-5 candles) with sprigs of pine flowing down from the holders. Or you could do a vase with bare twigs coming out of them, fill the bottom of the base with red cranberries. Little silver spoons and the creamers and sugars. Offer teas with a Christmas flavor: cinnamon, chai, vanilla, etc. And little Christmas cookies – bite size, butter cookies filled with jams, Russian tea cakes, etc. I would decorate your room by covering your tops of your chairs with a cream, see-through material and tie it in the back with a natural string with pine and pine cones hanging from it. Buy some of those cinnamon smelling pine cones to set the mood, and put them in a silver bowl near your table. I think the mix of the porcelain with the natural will make a great contrast.

  4. Darwin L said:

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