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Early Christmas shopping but I need some help, please?

I want to start my Christmas shopping a little early so I don’t have to buy everything at once.

I am stuck on what to buy for my future sisters in law. One of them is 21. The other one is 28. Last year, I got them each a Victoria’s Secret perfume gift set. I really don’t want to get them the same thing this year. Any suggestions? $20 limit for each. We’re getting married next summer so we’re trying to save some $ between now and then. Thanks in advance.

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2 Responses to “Early Christmas shopping but I need some help, please?”

  1. Pete said:

    You cannot go wrong with a gift card. Maybe one to your local mall so that they can go to whatever store they want. Or, get one to a large department store like Macy’s; everyone can find something that they like there. Good luck!

  2. The French Connection said:

    i would suggest getting a cheap wicker basket at a thrift store and buying a few gourmet items from the grocery store, wrap it in colored cellophane with a bow. my sister was thrilled with that last year from me.


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