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is it to early to do christmas shopping for 2 young children?

if i start shopping now will they have too much by christmas.

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17 Responses to “is it to early to do christmas shopping for 2 young children?”

  1. tinkerbell said:


  2. Chillin'In Bklyn said:

    It’s never too early to start and get ahead of yourself. Limit what you want each of your kids to have. Once you’ve reached that limit, stop and go shopping for yourself. I would love to start Christmas shopping now and get it over with.

  3. kellyshelly04 said:

    i have two young children 1 and 2 years old we started shopping already and we just pace ourselves like every week we buy 1 or 2 things for each of them, only you can decide what is to much for your kids and as long as you don’t spend to much and put other things that NEED to be done then you should be fine but you decide, we just don’t go all out every time we go shopping!

  4. thomas j said:

    i hope it’s not too early – i’m almost done. don’t keep shopping once you have enough!

  5. notAminiVANmama said:

    It is never too early, I start the day after christmas for the following christmas & mine are 1 & 4. They do get more than other kids, but because you will find great deals you will have spent the same or less than the other parents & have gotten more.

  6. bunnyboo said:

    I am determined to be done by novemeber because I want to beat the rush. But try and set yourself a spending limit on your kids and then try real hard to stick at it and then they should not have too much.
    However I am the queen of going over my limit and getting my children way too much. But they are only young once.

  7. makingthisup said:

    No, it’s not too early if you have discipline. I couldn’t do it because once I buy something — I just want to give it to them so bad it drives me crazy and I’d think of some excuse to give it to them. Like wow, you made an A on that project etc. So I’m better off waiting. But if you have the discipline, then you might as well start when you see something you know they’d like.

  8. Blondie said:

    No, its not too early to buy Christmas. I have buying since August 2006. The sooner I finish, I will not have to be out shopping with all the crazy people that wait till the last minute. No offense to people that wait till the last minute but I hate that kind of rush. And besides, if you finish early, you can sit back and enjoy the Christmas season with your children! Happy Shopping! :o)

  9. jadedgirl149 said:

    I used to start shopping in October for Christmas. You can get a lot of things that will be sold out during “peak” shopping season. Go for it!

  10. Tia said:

    No best time. the prices are more reasonable at this time. also less chance of them not having what u want because nothing will run out

  11. nicolehaleyshane said:


  12. Mandy S said:

    Well, if you start shopping and don’t stop, yes.

    I started shopping a few months ago, mainly because it’s easier for us to spend small amounts at a time rather than save up, and because what I wanted to get one of my kids was on sale in a REALLY big way.

    I look through clearance aisles, and can get more for the same amount of money, but I know already kind of how much I’m going for. We have one big present for both kids, then several smaller things. My five-year-old is getting an InteracTV system with a few games, and my three-year-old’s main gift is a play kitchen. Other than that, some pajamas, a stocking, and a few little things (a movie, toy cars or Thomas the train toys, a couple books, etc.).

    Several of my friends in MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) have a kind of cool policy: Baby Jesus got three presents, and so will you. A clever, teachable way to keep costs down.

  13. justsexy said:

    it is never too early for a christmas shopping. in fact you can shop as early as january so you can avoid the rush. (isnt it too much haha), besides you can have discounts on these time of year…

  14. mrswright97 said:

    Its never to earlier to shop, but I would wait till the after thanksgiving sales in the US.

  15. rachel said:

    I started in June this year . A bit later then usual. Just keep a list of what you have bought so you don’t buy too much. I did one year and regreted it greatly

  16. mocha said:

    No it’s best to start early especially if they are asking for a lot are you planning on buying a lot.

  17. lisb21 said:

    it’s better to start early then on christmas like my husband chooses to do


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