What is the best/ worst thing that happened to you on Christmas/ New Year?

Tell me how fun you celebrated Christmas/ New Year or how painful it was one time. Tell me an unforgettable experience that happened to you on Christmas/ New Year it maybe fun/ painful/ annoying/ embarrasing/ weird whatever event that you won’t forget

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6 Responses to “What is the best/ worst thing that happened to you on Christmas/ New Year?”

  1. x Freckles x said:

    Best: When my family were together when i was about 12 and my brother about 8. I always used to go and wake my brother up about 4am and he’d come into my room and we’d open our stocking presents together (mum used to let us open those to keep us entertained as we weren’t allowed to wake her until 8am!!) so we’d open those together then creep downstairs to see if santa had been and then feel and shake all our presents to work out what they were! That one year we crept downstairs and ‘santa’ had left a snooker table for my little bro so we played snooker from about 5am til 8am it was great!

    Worst: Last christmas. My parents are now divorced and its always a pain trying to please everyone. Last year my aunt was in intensive care with cancer and internal bleeding, and i think deep down we all knew it would be her last christmas. So we went to see her which was bad enough, but then i got into an argument with my dad outside intensive care cos he said he wasn’t going to take us back to see my mum because she had her new boyfriend there and we weren’t allowed to be there when he was. I called him a selfish prick and told him he couldn’t stop me and my bro seeing our mum. Then i got a huge telling off from a nurse for swearing in a hospital. I finally saw my mum at 11.30pm and cried myself to sleep.

    Hopefully this year will be better! 🙂

  2. ROGUE RAGE - cloned again! said:

    My mum passed away 9th Dec 2002 and my football team lost the Finals..it was the worst Christmas every and it will never be the same 🙁

    NYE party at my house 10 years ago…I was taking freshly cooked pizza’s out of the oven but I was so drunk that I dropped them on the floor, followed by me falling on my butt in the middle of the pizza mess on the ground and my hubby finding me laughing hysterically coz i couldnt get up!!

  3. They Call Me Daryl said:


    my marriage just ended last week

    last year

    me and my wife had a 6h cruise on sydney harbour on NYE $450 a head and a open bar

  4. tracy said:

    My father was in the military and we moved to Belgium when I was 9 years old. The year was 1967. We lived in hotels for months until housing was available, and moved into our newly built home about 1 week before Christmas.

    After opening our gifts and enjoying a wonderful meal on Christmas Day, we kept hearing a cracking sound. My father investigated and discovered that one of the ceiling beams that ran across the living room ceiling went right through the fireplace. Our home was on fire. We got out fine, but the locals thought we were joking when we told them our house was on fire. By the time they took my father seriously, it was too late. What wasn’t destroyed by the fire was destroyed by the smoke and foam used by the firemen.

    We lost everything material, but it was a valuable lesson about life — and the true meaning of Christmas and family bonding — my brothers and I learned early.

  5. molly said:

    Best my daughter went into labour and our first granchild was born on Boxing Day.
    Worst Last year I witnessed a man get attacked while playing cricket with his family he died and I will never forget.

  6. Rosella Corell said:

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