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Which city is best for a single traveler to experience to the Christmas day and New Year?

I’m going to the US next month. Now, I’m planning my trip and thinking about which city is the best for me (a 26 yr old single traveler) to visit during the Christmas day and the New Year?

Can anyone give me a list with the best city for my needs you suggested and the second best, third one?
I would like to experience something unique and western (I’m an asian, so I want something different), warmer is better, good for outdoor traveling.

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4 Responses to “Which city is best for a single traveler to experience to the Christmas day and New Year?”

  1. In Las Vegas said :

    New Year’s…New York’s Time Square, Las Vegas, NV.. WORST.. Utah

  2. jellybeancounter said :

    You’ll find that most places in the US are closed on Christmas day so you won’t be able to do much sightseeing then.

    What sort of experience are you looking for? Do you want somewhere quiet or loud? Cold or warm? Historical or modern?

    Having said all that, I’d suggest you go to NY. It’s wonderful here during the rest of the year but it’s magical around Christmas/New Years. Just be prepared to deal with the crowds if you intend to go to the most popular places.

  3. ♥♥ღ snipe_ahh baby ღ♥♥ said :

    new york city… in rockfeller center…..(*been there beautiful)
    or i suggest get some tickets and go to radio city music hall(christmas spectacular)
    I love new york..but the thing is its too overcrowded
    For a more quiet place id choose New Jersey……Id go to Cape May……rent a resort there…Fairly cheap for what i say…..its really beautiful there in cape may look at it,,

    i really suggest new jersey or new york….
    id go with nj…..Very beautiful place on christmas..people are so hyped about decorating..ull see wonderful lights like you would in new york and all other tourist attractions but the thing is yet the major tourist attractions are beautiful………..its overcrowded..
    I have another suggestion….U can also go to hawaii..but there christmas traditions differ,,
    i like new jersey,,,the best.,.though

  4. Forman said :

    1.New York
    3.Las vagas


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