Tips to help organize your Christmas decorations?

Anyone have tips they use when storing Christmas decorations safely until they are to be used again next year? Ways to organize them and to where they take up less space?

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6 Responses to “Tips to help organize your Christmas decorations?”

  1. Valerie M said:

    Buy the plastic totes which come in different sizes. You can also stack them and label. I have them for Xmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Easter.So I hope that works for you.

  2. lilwecky said:

    I use some plastic totes and some cardboard boxes that I label on the side so I can easily see what is in them while they’re stacked on the shelves in my basement. Each year I buy a few more plastic boxes as they are not too cheap. I highly recommend these. I also have a plastic tote for my wrapping paper and bows and such. The only downside to that is that it doens’t hold the really long tubes of paper. Good luck!

  3. fluffernut said:

    Less space?? Doesn’t happen here, they just keep growing and growing. We use the snap close plastic bins and keep everything separate: wrappings and gift boxes in one, long and speciality bows in their own long box, wreaths in their own box. Lights in another but going with a pre lit tree has greatly helped ease that mess. Then ornaments in their own box (es) each going back into their individual box. yeah room waster, but keeps them from breaking. Any ornaments not used for 2 years are eliminated, even if it was Great Annies favorite. All boxes clearly marked with 3 x 5 card listing all contents. Husband said if we continue to add lawn ornaments we’ll need a special shed or rent a storage locker. Figuring minimum $5,000 I agreed to eliminate all but the very best lawn ornaments and not buy new ones….sniff.

  4. ♥chipcheep♥ said:
  5. cutiepie 11 said:

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  6. Robbi Moncier said:

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