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If I make all my Christmas presents, will I be considered cheap?

My husband and I are barely putting food on the table, but the extended families still expect Christmas presents (25 people). I’m planning on doing Calligraphy, wreaths, homemade candles, and jewelry boxes. I’m also looking for vintage posters on Craigslist and making frames for them. I guess I just want an outside opinion.

In a related question, if and when times are good, I’m tempted to continue the homemade Christmas thing because of their attitudes. Do you think in-laws that demand $100 presents deserve it?

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8 Responses to “If I make all my Christmas presents, will I be considered cheap?”

  1. ~*Elmo Wants A Hug*~ said:

    No way! I think homemade gifts are just as good as something that costs 100 of dollars! I am also doing the same thing this year! That’s a very good idea! Also, If you need a little extra income, you can try selling your handmade items on a site called, it really has helped me get some extra money for the holidays!

    Here is my etsy shop, as an example of what you can sell on there:

    Goodluck and Merry Christmas!

  2. Moe Peace said:

    No of course not !!

    i think its very lovely and sweet, not many people put effort and time to there presents.

    Personally I would love the juster a 100 times over the material object it self.

    i think money as a present is a cheap thing. and a cheap juster.

  3. Amanda said:

    This is not cheap at all. I love this idea. At least you’re trying to still send christmas presents during your time of struggle. Many people would decide to be a Scrooge and not do it at all! =)

    Your ideas are great, I think they’re better than buying something. So don’t worry at all.

    Think of what the in-laws would do. If they were in your situation, would they do what you are?

    And again, remember it is Christmas… even though they can be demanding, I’m sure you still love then. It’s still important to show them you care.

    See what their reaction is to their gifts this year. If it’s foul, talk to them about it. Be sincere.

    Hope this helps and your financial status becomes better with the New Year!

  4. Dominic said:

    First of all, there is nothing wrong with homemade gifts. It’s the thought that counts, and homemade gifts show that you put a lot of thought into the gift.
    Second of all, I think you should give your in-laws nothing. That’s horrible to ask for $100 presents.
    (P.S. I think your gifts sound wonderful. Merry Christmas!)

  5. Ashley said:

    NO WAY!!!!! I think its an awesome idea. It’s the thought that counts, and really, the meaning of Christmas has really gotten out of hand! If they don’t like or appreciate what you made then, then that’s their problem. They obviously are not looking at the big picture and seeing all the effort you put into their gifts! I say go for it! =]

    Good luck!

  6. Zoe said:

    you will not be considered cheap. homemade gifts give more love and love is priceless. you also used up a lot of your time making the gifts.

  7. Rachel said:

    no way jose! people like….no i mean love handmade presents,it just comes to show that you put alot of thought into them. id suggest doing that for gifts

  8. Tina said:

    Not at all. You have put in a little effort to make gifts even when you are tight on a budget, you could have even decided not to do anything but you didnt. A gift from the heart is more significant than any generic item you pick off the shelf. I think you are doing a good thing


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