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What are good Christmas presents for the least amount of money?

I want to save money this Christmas, but I want to get people good gift. Are there any ideas?

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6 Responses to “What are good Christmas presents for the least amount of money?”

  1. proudpreemieparents said:

    A heart felt poem written inside a card.

  2. starshine said:

    There is always something inexpensive I can come up with. It would depend on the age and gender, but sterling silver jewelry is great for girls or women. For men and boys, music or movies.

  3. atlgrrl221 said:

    Ebay is amazing…. 🙂

  4. L-in said:

    Use your talents!
    I love to write and I love to take pictures with friends

    So writing a card and putting a picture in it is what Im going to do. Its cheap to develop all the pics and cheap to buy a box of cards.

    If your not too much of a creative person, you might find some really neat things at the Dollar Store and you can make ppl your own little goodie bag.

    Or look in place like Target for $5 goodies like lotions and bath gel.

    I use to do that when I was in middle school and money was tightttt lol

  5. Crystal Mandie said:

    Get your family pieces of coal out a DIY shop

  6. Angel Lee said:

    I would go with giftcards to their favorite shops, or gift cards from movie theatres are always enjoyed.


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